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Mr. President

SCP-2776 prior to being moved to permanent containment.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2776 is to be contained in a high security, lead-lined humanoid domicile at Area 11. No fewer than four heavily armed security personnel are to be stationed outside of the domicile.

In the event of an attempted breach of containment, security personnel are to first activate the Wenss-Newton Electromagnet located beneath the domicile. If SCP-2776 manages to disable the device or leave its area of influence, security personnel are to attempt to subdue SCP-2776 using Class III live-shock charges. Should SCP-2776 manage to escape the confines of the primary containment structure, security personnel are authorized to apply lethal force to prevent a full breach of containment.

In order to prevent any attempts at breaching containment, SCP-2776 must be made to believe the following information, regardless of whether or not it is true:

  • The United States of America exists as a free democracy.
  • Great Britain, its citizenry, or any party originating within its borders does not pose a threat to the safety and stability of America or any of its assets.
  • The French Republic exists and is not threatened by the United Kingdom.

Failure to ensure that SCP-2776 is not exposed to anything that contradicts the information above will activate SCP-2776, and will likely result in a containment breach.


SCP-2776 is a humanoid automaton bearing the aged likeness of deceased senior British army officer George Washington, which held the office of President of the United States from April 30th, 1789, to March 4th, 1797. For more information about the origin of SCP-2776, please see Addendum 2776.3.

SCP-2776 consists of several features which fit the technological capabilities of the time during which it is believed to have been created, including a crude iron skeleton, wooden support struts, glass eyes and mid-18th century dental prosthesis. However, SCP-2776 also consists of many additional, highly advanced features, such as a smooth, carbon-based base skin layer, kinetically resistant armored plating within the chest, a small fusion reactor to supply power to the assembly, and a currently unknown information processing unit within the skull made entirely of graphene. The outer flesh of SCP-2776, as well as the hair and nails, are all organic, and are resistant to decay.

The primary mechanical driver of SCP-2776 is an electric motor situated in the upper chest cavity, but power can be directly administered to any of SCP-2776's faculties from the nuclear core by way of super-heated wiring that interacts in some way with an unknown mechanical system within SCP-2776's skeleton. This is believed to be the main driving power behind most of SCP-2776's anomalous capabilities, but due to the sheer power output SCP-2776 is capable of during activation, it is believed that power must be originating from another source within SCP-2776. Research into this is ongoing.

SCP-2776 has two primary modes of operation. The first is a "low-energy" default mode, wherein SCP-2776 expends relatively very little energy and exhibits signs of sapience and sentience. SCP-2776 believes that it is George Washington, born in Virginia, British America, and was at one point the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and later the President of the United States. SCP-2776 is unable to justify its automatonic makeup, stating that it has always been this way.

The secondary mode of operation, a "high-energy" mode, is activated only when SCP-2776 encounters information that contradicts the three pieces of information presented above. While in its activated mode, SCP-2776 [DATA EXPUNGED - See Addendum 2776.4 for more information].

Marshall, Carter and Dark distributor acting out of Roanoke, Virginia. During the raid, several documents were uncovered describing the existence of a dangerous anomalous object located in Fairfax County, Virginia. Mobile Task Force Beta-24 "Pioneers" was dispatched to secure the object, located below the Fairfax campus of George Mason University.

Below is an excerpt of the MTF field report:

In the back of the facilities building we found a covered access shaft no wider than half a meter or less. We measured the depth at about ten meters, and descended in single file. The walkway tunnel below was tall enough that we didn't need to crouch, but not wide enough to stand side-by-side. As we approached the end of the hall, Thomas noted that there were several side-tunnels which looked to have been collapsed at some point. There was a gas lighting system in place, as well, but it looked inoperable.

At the end of the hall was a single door with three sliding bolt locks about as thick as my arm. The door was made of iron. The bolts themselves were rusted shut, so we had to wait to get a torch down to cut through it. Once we did, we opened the door to the room he was in. It wasn't any bigger than a standard containment cell here, maybe a little higher. Furnishings were scarce, but it was homey. Walls were paneled wood and papered, floor was hardwood. A carpet, a small bookshelf and nightstand, a few gas lanterns, and him, laying on the bed. Might as well have been dead to the world, didn't move an inch when we walked in.

He was hooked up to this machine through these big copper pipes. Really steampunk, definitely didn't fit the appearance of the rest of the room. As we were setting up lights in the room, Avery tripped on one of the pipes and jarred it loose. He woke up when it disconnected.

None of us recognized him at first, you know, because he doesn't really look like he does in the pictures. He introduced himself and we thought he was full of shit. I didn't even believe it until I saw the stuff they pulled from the raid, and even now I'm still not sure. Whatever he is, he was down there for a long time.

After a quick status check and rundown, we got him moved out to a secure vehicle and shipped to Site-23. He was cooperative the whole time, didn't say much. Didn't seem very sure about the car, but we assured him he was fine.

Addendum 2776.2: Interview

The following interview took place shortly after SCP-2776 was processed by containment specialists at Site-23.

Dr. Richards: Good afternoon, sir.

SCP-2776: And to you.

Dr. Richards: Do you know where you are?

SCP-2776: I do not, though I find that I must not know many things after all I have seen today.

Dr. Richards: Did the men you spoke to earlier say anything about what we do at this facility?

SCP-2776: They used the word "containment" liberally. I assume this is a prison?

Dr. Richards: No, no, not a prison. More like a laboratory. For research.

SCP-2776: Am I a subject?

Dr. Richards: For the time being, yes. Do you know what year it is?

SCP-2776: I… I believe it was December, yes. I was ill, and the physicians were— I believe Martha was there as well, where is she?

Dr. Richards: Some time has passed since your reported death, I'm afraid. Two hundred years.

SCP-2776: (Does not respond)

Dr. Richards: Are you alright?

SCP-2776: The Lord should have taken me, I remember feeling the life leaving my body. I spoke for the last time and then the darkness… I do not understand.

Dr. Richards: During our initial inspection, we noted several abnormal parts of your physiology, features that were not… human. It is possible that a malfunction of your power supply activated some kind of emergency power reserve system, gave your internal mechanisms time to repa—

SCP-2776: What? Power supply? Mechanisms? Speak now, what are you implying?

Dr. Richards: You are, uh, as far as we can tell, animatronic. A machine.

SCP-2776: This… but Martha, she never…

(SCP-2776 does not respond to further questioning. SCP-2776 remained unresponsive throughout the remainder of its processing examinations, and only began speaking again once reaching containment at Site-70.)

Addendum 2776.3: Recovered Documents

The following documents were recovered during a raid on a Marshall, Carter and Dark distributor in Roanoke, Virginia, United States.


I understand your concerns, and my fellows in Boston share them. We do simply lack the firepower to mount any kind of assault, domestic or foreign, with any chance of success. This much is certain.

Through my communications with EH as mentioned in our previous correspondence, there is a gentlemen in my colleague's acquaintance who may prove invaluable to our cause. He is a professor of the sciences and is working on no small number of truly remarkable projects. I have advised my colleague to seek his counsel immediately, and we can begin discussions with him once we have an agreement among ourselves.

I await your reply.


Mr. Tolliver,

As we discussed before, it is imperative for the sake of a believable product that I am supplied with the likeness of one who would most fittingly take up the mantle you are intending the machine to hold. This is the most imperative step, as a misstep here will ruin any credibility the final product has.

The final decision is yours, of course. The apparatus can be modified to fit whomever you choose. However, if I were to make a recommendation, there is a young officer from Virginia who has recently taken ill after combat at the Monongahela. If I am not mistaken, it is believed he will not see the month's end. A tragedy, no doubt, but a young officer with anti-imperial sentiments is a fine basis to start with.

The officer is one George Washington, and he serves with General Braddock in the Ohio Country. You must reach him before he passes, and ensure that he drinks the preparatory tea I am sending along to you in this correspondence. This will ease his passing and ensure that the vital instruments of his being remain intact. Once you have a corpse, remove it in silence, none must know of his passing. Pack him in the manner I have explained and have it sent to me on the next ship bound for France. I will do the rest.

He will need a wife, upon his return. Someone you can trust to maintain him. His wounds will not hurt him, but they will be visible. She will need to understand his inner mechanisms, and be able to make adjustments to them as needed. I have one such woman in my employ, and am willing to have her accompany him back to Virginia.

He will also need an estate, where he can go to be in private. He will be your battlefield commander and inspire confidence within your numbers, but he cannot be seen publicly, for we risk shattering the illusion if he is inspected upon too closely. It will be preferable if this estate is near a river, for other mechanical reasons.

I will accompany him when he returns, as well. See to it that the preparations are made, and you will have your commander.

Yours truly,



I have seen him with mine own eyes, and he is glorious. No less of a man than I have ever beheld, even upon close inspection. The man Durand did not lie to us, this is our general, and our King if need be.

He resides now within his estate at Mt. Vernon with his wife, the woman Martha who accompanied Durand from France. She is a thing of wonder herself, I have never seen a woman so adept at handling the intricate manners of machinery as she. I suspect she may have assisted Durand with the assembly of our Mr. Washington.

The time is coming soon when we will need to begin. I have spoken to Benjamin, and he supports a move forward. Contact the Philadelphia men, and we may begin putting the wheels in motion.


Mr. Tolliver,

Your fears are unsubstantiated, I am happy to report. I know these early losses may be difficult to take, but they are necessary to deliver a believable outcome. A landslide victory resulting in few American deaths is preferable, yes, but unbelievable, and this is the more important thing. Do not forget it.

If the tides of battle turn away from you, do not be concerned. Mr. Washington will not lose the war, and you will have your independence.

Yours truly,


Addendum 2776.4: Incident Report

Addendum 2776.5: Interview