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Special Containment Procedures

SCP-972 is to be housed in standard humanoid containment furnished with standard amenities. Requests for additional furnishings are to be submitted to Dr. █████ and may be granted so long as they do not violate Foundation security protocols. SCP-972 may take meals in Site Cafeteria and is granted limited movement within Site ██. However, subject must be accompanied by one Level 1 Security personnel at all times.

Containment Addendum: Previous containment procedures rescinded due to refusal to cooperate and repeated attempts to breach containment. Subject remanded to containment cell at all times. Cell furnished with one twin bed, with linens to be changed on biweekly basis. Secondary chamber is attached for basic toiletries. No other furnishings permitted until further notice.

Primary containment area to be monitored by no less than four CCTV security cameras and one CCTV security camera in secondary chamber. Cameras are to be inspected weekly for damage and replaced immediately in the event of malfunction or if any damage is found. Video feed to be monitored by Security personnel in standard 8 hour shifts.

Two Level 2 Security personnel are to be stationed outside containment area, by the entrance, at all times. Should subject become aggressive or attempt to breach containment, it is to be subdued using only non-lethal methods, with emphasis on limiting unnecessary injury. Due to subject’s lack of combat ability beyond that of the average human, immobilizing foam or consumer grade Tasers will suffice for this purpose.


SCP-972 is a human male of Mediterranean descent, formerly known as [REDACTED], approximately 28 years of age, standing 1.75 meters in height and weighing approximately 130 kg. SCP-972 possesses normal human physiology with the exception of anomalous immune system responses.

Subject’s blood contains a mean of 3000 leukocytes per microliter of blood, with few adverse affects. Because of the low concentration of leukocytes, SCP-972 is highly prone to infection and disease. However, contraction of any foreign pathogen triggers the anomalous immune response in SCP-972.

When any foreign virus or bacteria is detected, antibodies produced by B-Cells attach to the pathogen and begin reprogramming the target through an as-of-yet undetermined process. The reprogrammed pathogen will then begin attacking the original, unaltered infectious agents. In addition, neutrophils will attach to and convert invading pathogens into new white cells to off set SCP-972’s natural deficiency, rather then ingesting and destroying the pathogens as in a normal immune system. During this process, the subject will suffer symptoms consistent with infection including but not limited to: elevated body temperature, increased appetite, and lethargy.

Once all infectious agents have been terminated or converted, they will then be expelled from the body. Expulsion is most typically accomplished through [REDACTED] depending on type and severity of infection.

Addendum A Requests submitted to begin testing immune response to toxic agents and cancerous infection. Approval currently pending review.

After review of most recent psych evaluations, subject determined to be showing early signs of Stockholm Syndrome. Recommending testing be placed on hold and subject treated. ~Dr. Schraubelocker

Recommendation declined. Subject has repeatedly attempted to breach containment and escape custody. You are instead ordered to encourage this development. This may serve to garner some better cooperation from it without having to use more drastic measures. ~Site Director ███████.