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Jack Of Hearts

Special Containment Procedures

As of this writing, SCP-952 evaded Foundation contact and capture. It is believed to be travelling in the American midwest. Should it be captured, a standard containment unit has been set aside at Site 17.

A new program has been introduced as a software update to ultrasound machines tests that will both inform us of the presence of developing offspring, and mask their presence to civilian medical professionals. At present, no offspring have been found outside of North America; that being said, the aforementioned software has been installed in most machines across southern Europe, Australia, and parts of South America. A proposition to screen maternal blood tests for signs of SCP-952-B development has been accepted, and an update will be attached to currently-existing screenings in North America that detects SCP-████.

Males who encounter SCP-952 must be checked and treated with haste; see attached documentation, “SCP-952 Screening and Action Plans” for further details.

Offspring attributed to SCP-952 (SCP-952-B-xx) are to be allowed to come to term, and retrieved through standard procedure. Upon arrival at Site 17, the presiding researcher in charge of SCP-952’s case will determine if the offspring are to be kept in containment or terminated.


SCP-952 is a humanoid male, appearing to be in his late teens to early twenties, who identifies himself as the “Jack of Hearts”. SCP-952 is described as being 170cm in height (~5 foot 6 inches), and approximately 65kg in weight (~143 pounds), with shoulder length curly blond hair and blue eyes.

Cohorts of SCP-952 have described him as being charming, thoughtful, and funny. However, they have difficulty remembering any exact wording he may have used during conversation. A number have also remarked on unusually large genitalia.

The entity migrates frequently, through civilian channels but without any seeming means of financial support. SCP-952 is believed to have normal needs for food, shelter, and personal care; it is suspected that its persuasive skills allow it to sustain this lifestyle through manipulation of unsuspecting civilians.

SCP-952’s Interaction with Civilians. When SCP-952 enters a town, it will find a human with no romantic ties, who has yet to parent a child. There appears to be a preference for individuals who rarely engage in sexual congress, though this is not an absolute requirement.

Soon after introduction, a rapid seduction and short-term impassioned relationship will form; initial conversation is casual, and often includes discussion about food, music, and other popular art. There appears to be no specific preference for gender or personality. Previous cohorts of SCP-952 include a significant minority of males and members of gender and sexual minorities. Within days, the pair will engage in intercourse, leading to pregnancy in most cases. SCP-952 will vanish soon after, rarely with any proper goodbye; civilians impregnated by SCP-952 more often than not choose to keep the child.

All persons who share impassioned nights with SCP-952 universally receive a mark on their person at some point during their encounter. Often appearing on the wrist, this mark is of a heart with the letter “J” in the middle.

All have described positive experiences and, as far as Foundation interrogation experts can tell, genuine affection for SCP-952. Each has maintained that SCP-952 has formed an honest relationship with them. These feelings do not seem to be anomalous and cohorts do not idealize SCP-952; many will not forgive being abandoned so soon after their experience, and many carry conflicted resentment towards SCP-952 to some degree. The Foundation has no reason to believe that cohorts of 952 have been duped or altered by the entity.

Individuals otherwise incapable of pregnancy are capable of becoming pregnant by SCP-952. This phenomenon comes with obvious risks to the expecting parent’s health.1 These pregnancies are usually easily removed with similar surgical strategies as benign tumours; however, they are viable most of the time.2

Progeny of SCP-952: The offspring sired by SCP-952 (SCP-952-B-XX) have a gestation period of 7 months. When born, infants appear humanoid with the addition of a heavy covering of fur on their legs, short horns on their brow, and cloven hooves instead of feet. DNA analysis shows that ~70% of the genome is shared with humans at this stage of life, with the rest as of yet unidentified.

These features are gradually shed and lost as the offspring grows older, with this approximate timeline;

  • ~ 2 months: Fur on lower body is shed, with skin tone shifting to match the rest of the body.
  • ~ 3 months: Horns shed, leaving no trace on upper brow. Horns crumble to dust within one week.
  • ~ 5 months: Hooves shed, with fully formed human feet beneath. Shed hooves crumble within one week.

Over the course of this timeline, the offspring’s DNA appears to alter through unknown means to match the human genome. By six months of age, SCP-952-B instances are indistinguishable from normal human infants. Beyond the above-detailed metamorphosis, these offspring have shown no deviations from normal human growth patterns and do not appear to share any of the reported anomalies possessed by SCP-952.

Other Known Information: Imbedded Agents have recovered a not-insignificant archive of civilian security footage that includes SCP-952, universally in public venues. It has been noted to participate frequently in civilian musical experiences, though records containing SCP-952 are only noticed days after the events are over. In a vast majority of sightings, SCP-952 attends with his ‘date’, the aforementioned subject of his seduction. Roughly one fifth to one quarter of sightings do not appear include any civilian cohort alongside SCP-952 at all.

The events attended by SCP-952 tend to feature live musical acts, with a slight preference for outdoor venues. Genre does not seem to matter, though in sightings where 952 has no known civilian cohort typically feature string and percussive instrumentation. In smaller towns and cities, SCP-952 is known to attend more ‘underground’ venues with smaller audiences; in larger cities and venues, SCP-952 favours large events with expansive production values. Civilian victims of SCP-952 universally agree on having had phenomenal experiences during these events, and attribute that to SCP-952’s presence.

During late spring to early summer, SCP-952 has been known to attend outdoor festivals that revolve around food and drink, with a heavy preference towards seasonal markets and wine.3

Addendum - Possible Related Event, ██/██/2010 [952-RJ] In response to an outbreak of SCP-████ across central Africa in 2009-2010, religiously-specialized personnel from across several Sites were organized into temporary field units to mitigate damage and assist in containing affected wells.

During his extended assignment on the project, Site-23 Chaplain Fr. Robert Jackal was requested by local civilians to look at a newborn they believed possessed by spirits. Upon arrival at the homestead where the newborn and mother were located, Fr Jackal discovered a ‘bizarre’ infant with ‘a huge head, black eyes’, limbs and digits ‘like a squid’, and a mouth ‘like a leech’.

Fr. Jackal held a standard performance of protective rituals for the mother and family, and quickly returned to the field outpost to report the anomaly. When he and Agents returned to retrieve the mother and child, the mother was found dead of strangulation, and the child was gone. Other family members in the home heard nothing; class C amnesiacs were issued and the story of a demonic encounter spread naturally through the community without the assistance of the Foundation.

A mark similar to those found on victims of SCP-952 was found on the mother’s side, of a spade suit symbol with a J inside of it.

Addendum ██/██/2011 Requesting permission to begin preparations for finding subjects SCP-952-Beta, -Gamma, and -Delta. - Fr. Jackal

Addendum - Letter Left to Cohort ██/██/2015 The mother of SCP-952-B-11, discovered on ██/██/2015, was left a goodbye letter by SCP-952. This is, as far as we know, the only written documentation that can be attributed to SCP-952, across multiple dozens of recovered offspring and cohorts.

Cohort SCP-952-B-11(M) is Loren [surname redacted] at the time of writing is a 22 year old female student living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Extensive research into this individual’s personal history and extended family have offered no other remarkable details.

Below is a transcription of the letter left by SCP-952; the original is archived at SIte-17.

Dear Lorie,

I’m sorry, you’ll find this note instead of me in the morning. You probably won’t understand, but I need to go. If I could, I would stay and have a real life with you. I would wish to any god or devil who could spare a moment to hear this crippled heart. I would sell anything for the promise to spend this life and the next together. In a decent would, we would. We would learn viola and piano together, wouldn’t we? I feel like you would love that. I would.

The last few days were the best in my life, and I’ll always cherish these memories. You’re my treasure. I will never meet anybody like you again. Writing this feels like ripping my own arm off. I can’t imagine how much I’m hurting you. I want to wake you up and beg you to come with me. I won’t stay, but you could come. But I can’t.

In this moment I despise this wanderlust, this stigmata I’m slave to. This heartstrung agony. I must leave. We are damned by my mother.

In a day this pain will burn out. I have a hard time looking back. But I’ve never hurt like this before, and I don’t think I ever will again. No matter the day, I will always remember your eyes. How your left quirks a little when you laugh, how they sparkled under the stage lights. How I could feel their depth tonight, before you fell asleep. I’ll hurt every time I remember, and I should. I hope I hurt, because of how I’ll hurt you.

Be good to yourself. I am forever sorry.