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Blood Candy

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-942-2 is to be stored in a locked safe-deposit box at Site ██'s Low Risk Object Storage. Access is to be limited to experiments with prior written permission from the current SCP-942 lead researcher.1

Any personnel affected by SCP-942-1 must remain within Foundation controlled facilities at all times. Contact with civillians, personnel without level 2 clearance on SCP-942, or other anomalous items is strictly forbidden for affected personnel. Affected personnel are to be given a higher priority for psychological screening and aid. Any civilians affected by SCP-942-1 are to be recruited or terminated with suitable cover stories on a case-by-case basis.

If additional instances of SCP-942-2 are encountered, the object is to be retrieved as soon as possible and the surrounding area checked for affected subjects. Destruction of additional instances of SCP-942-2 is authorised if retrieval proves infeasible.


SCP-942-1 are colored gumballs of standard (2.53cm) size. From the moment an instance of SCP-942-1 is ingested, the consumer's bodily fluids will take on the appearance of blood upon leaving the subject's body. The fluids will coagulate like normal blood and are indistinguishable from blood by sight, smell, or touch. However, observation by means other than the aforementioned, such as chemical analysis or infrared spectroscopy, will indicate the original substance. Other than coagulation the fluids show no anomalous reactions or chemical processes. The subject's actual blood, and the properties of bodily fluids while remaining inside the body appear to be unaffected. The nasal cavity and the surface of the eye are not entirely free from the effect, resulting in the appearance of blood-shot eyes, tears of blood, and a constant low-intensity nosebleed in affected subjects. Regions prone to sweating such as toes or armpits will be covered near-perpetually in crusts of dried blood, and affected subjects have reported considerable discomfort during urination.

Subjects have been known to suffer panic attacks after exposure. It is believed these are reactions to the effects of the object, and not caused by the object itself. This includes panic attacks where subjects will attempt to remove the excess blood, in some cases leading to severe bodily harm and dehydration.

SCP-942-2 is a small bubble gum dispenser for home use of a model produced by [REDACTED]. SCP-942-2 is unremarkable in all respects other than its apparently infinite supply of SCP-942-1. Preliminary testing has shown that the dispenser can be damaged normally and is primarily composed of an unremarkable plastic. Due to the ease of containment, destructive testing has been halted to avoid negating the anomalous effects. Research into how the dispenser refills its supply of SCP-942-2 is ongoing. The words “Try something different today! Sweet and candy-red!” are engraved on the underside.