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Inland Lighthouse

Special Containment Procedures

Containment Area 934-1 has been established in a 5 km radius around SCP-934, under the cover of supposed chemical contamination. Armed, undercover guards must be on station around the perimeter at all times, and any civilians attempting to enter the area or gain access to SCP-934 must be detained and questioned.


SCP-934 is the lighthouse near [DATA EXPUNGED] on the valley property and estate of the late Dr. █████. Dr. █████, a renowned scientist, had the functioning lighthouse built on his property at great expense despite the inland location nearly 65 km from any body of water, citing a need for his "grand experiment".

SCP-934 was discovered following a routine investigation of Dr. █████'s property by Foundation agents following his disappearance on or about █/██/19██, due to his former involvement with [DATA EXPUNGED]. The area was locked down and current containment procedures established following Incident Zero, which resulted in the loss of the entire investigation team.

Every seven (7) days, the area surrounding SCP-934 becomes shrouded in a dense fog that obscures all view of SCP-934 and the surrounding estate within a radius of 2 km, hereby known as the Red Zone. During this time, SCP-934 becomes active and emits a strong beam of light consistent with a normal lighthouse of similar design. This fog appears to have anomalous properties, causing all electronics within to behave erratically or malfunction and blocking radio signals. Furthermore, no personnel who have entered the Red Zone during a period of fog have ever been seen or heard from again. The fog period of SCP-934 persists for approximately 24 hours before the fog dissipates and the lighthouse ceases function.

Addendum 934-01 Incident Zero (Initial Exploration Log)

Following the disappearance of Dr. █████, a five-man Foundation team was dispatched to investigate his estate and property and secure any possible [DATA EXPUNGED]. Excerpts from the transcript of radio traffic follows:

0645 L

T1-Lead: This is Lead, we have arrived on site. No sign of anyone in the area.

Command: Copy. You are clear to proceed with the mission.

Sound of door opening.

T1-Lead: Command, we have entered the manor. The area is clean, like it has been dusted within the last day.

Command: Lead, that is not possible. The manor has been under observation for a month, and there has been no sign of anyone entering or exiting the-

T1-Lead: Command, Command, someone just turned on the lights!

Command: That's impossible, there's no power being fed to the house. Team One, you are weapons-free, I repeat, you are weapons-free at this time.

T1-Lead: Roger, Command. We are weapons-free.

Sounds of weapons being loaded and readied.

0653 L

T1-Lead: Command, Lead. There appears to be hot food set out in the dining room. I count nine- no, ten places set. The fireplace is lit as well. We have not seen anyone in the manor or surrounding area.

0711 L

Command: Command to Team One, we are aborting your mission at this time. Exit to Point B, backup will be arriving in one hour.

T1-Lead: Copy, Command. Wait, there appears to be some kind of [static] rolling in.

Command: Say again, Lead?

T1-Lead: [static] appears to be some kind of fog [static] Command?

Command: Lead, you are breaking up.

T1-Lead: [static] is on, I repeat the [static]

Command: Team One, get clear of the house! Do you read me?

T1-Lead: [static]

Command: Team One, do you read me? Team One?

End of Transcript (Contact Lost) - 0712 L

Approximately 24 hours after contact was lost with Team One, the fog dissipated and a second team was dispatched. Team Two found the manor and lighthouse completely abandoned in a state of extreme disrepair inconsistent with the reports of Team One. A thorough search of the manor turned up the clothing and equipment of the Team One members, folded neatly and stacked in the center of an empty second-floor room. The batteries of all of their electronic equipment had been completely drained, and recording media and memory cards were empty.

Team Two's search of the lighthouse turned up only broken lighthouse equipment and empty rooms, although Team Two members reported being able to hear a faint buzzing or static that persisted for several days after leaving the area.