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The Mushroom Cultist

SCP-925-3 with remaining followers after capture.

Special Containment Procedures

Specimens of SCP-925 are to be kept in individual standard 5 meter by 5 meter steel cells. Twice a day, 285g of various fungi are to be pushed through a door slot and into the cell using the provided pole.

Personnel transporting SCP-925 specimens are to wear steel mesh suits underneath Level D HAZMAT equipment. Should Level 0 personnel and above physically contact a specimen without the aforementioned equipment, a class B amnestic is to be administered, followed by transfer to another project. Class D personnel are to be terminated.


Physically, the species SCP-925 appears near-identical to a male human. Mentally, SCP-925 who have cooperated exhibit behaviors on par with high-functioning autism.

Personnel interacting with a specimen report that it seems "normal, but slow, acting as if inebriated or impaired." This seems to be deliberate on the specimen's part, in order to be dismissed by those surrounding it, allowing it to close on potential victims.

SCP-925 specimens appear to be intersex. Specimens in confinement refuse to reproduce, and the act has yet to be observed in the wild.

When a SCP-925 specimen makes physical contact with a human, the victim will become more sympathetic to the specimen. If physical contact is maintained for more than 3-5 minutes, the affected human will become completely devoted to the specimen.

Once a specimen has gathered between 10 and 30 followers, it will lead them to a distant, secluded area. Any attempt to interact with or stop the group will be met with violence.

Once the group has arrived, the followers will begin digging downwards, starting with a tunnel and gradually widening it out into a cavern as the group digs deeper. Once the cavern is finished, the followers will search the nearby area for materials to use as fertilizer, then grow mushrooms in the cavern, eating as little as possible to stay alive. Followers who die due to exhaustion and malnutrition will also be used as fertilizer. SCP-925 will gorge itself on mushrooms whenever a crop is ready for harvest.

Once most of the followers have been worked to death, the specimen will leave the cavern, gather approximately twice the previous number of followers, and return, using the new followers to construct additional caverns, and grow more mushrooms in each cavern. This process will be repeated every time a significant portion of the followers die.

Currently, 13 specimens are contained, designated SCP-925-1 through SCP-925-13. Specimens have been captured in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. These specimens were all found within 30 miles of large population centers. Each specimen was living in a large cavern system with between 20 and 35 caverns.

Addendum: Test 01
SCP-925-D-1 was informed of SCP-925's behavior, and told there was a way to reverse the effects.

SCP-925-D-1 was subject to a preliminary interview, then exposed to SCP-925 for fifteen seconds. A second interview was performed; subject was then exposed to SCP-925 for five minutes. After retrieval, a third and final interview was carried out.

Baseline Interview

Dr. ██████: What is your opinion on SCP-925?
SCP-925-D-1: I don't know, guy. It seems pretty fucked up.
Dr. ██████: What parts of its behavior are most detestable to you?
SCP-925-D-1: Detestable? How you ignore it, then it works you to death, I guess.
Dr. ██████: Do you find anything productive or noble about it?
SCP-925-D-1: Noble? It makes you dig and then grows shit on you. What the hell are you pushing at?
Dr. ██████: Nothing, nothing. Prepare for the test. We'll be standing by should there be any negative effects.

SCP-925-D-1 was positioned by the door of SCP-925-7. The food slot was opened, and after a few moments SCP-925-7's arm reached out and touched SCP-925-D-1 on the left foot. During the exposure, SCP-925-D-1's expression changed from one of nervousness to contentment. After 15 seconds, SCP-925-D-1 was pulled away.

Post-Exposure Interview

Dr. ██████: How do you feel?
SCP-925-D-1: I feel pretty good, guy. You?
Dr. ██████: I'm well. What is your opinion on SCP-925?
SCP-925-D-1: Er…dunno. They're just trying to get by like us, right?
Dr. ██████: Are any parts of its behavior detestable to you?
SCP-925-D-1: I can't say they're great or anything, but it's not like they're out to cause pain.
Dr. ██████: Is there anything that you find noble in them?
SCP-925-D-1: Don't know about noble. It's not like they kill each other like we do, though. Hey, do I need that treatment you told me about?
Dr. ██████: You appear fine. We'll be standing by during this next test.

SCP-925-D-1 was once again positioned in front of the door, and the food slot opened. SCP-925-7's arm immediately slid out, and rested on SCP-925-D-1's foot. During the exposure, SCP-925-D-1's expression changed from one of contentment to a blank stare. After 5 minutes, he was removed from the door.

Post-Exposure Interview:

Dr. ██████: How do you feel?
SCP-925-D-1: I'm great.
Dr. ██████: What is your opinion on SCP-925?
SCP-925-D-1: They're great.
Dr. ██████: Do you find anything detestable about SCP-925?
SCP-925-D-1: NO!

SCP-925-D-1 upended the table and advanced on Dr. ██████, who fled the room. The interview was postponed until SCP-925-D-1 became compliant. The interview resumed with two guards present.

Dr. ██████: Do you find anything noble about SCP-925?
SCP-925-D-1: They give us a purpose.
Dr. ██████: What is that purpose?
SCP-925-D-1: They give us a purpose.
Dr. ██████: Would you like the treatment we told you about?
SCP-925-D-1: No!
Dr. ██████: Very well. Thank you for your time. You will be escorted back to your cell.
SCP-925-D-1: Away from him?
Dr. ██████: Yes.
SCP-925-D-1: *Screaming incoherently*

SCP-925-D-1 lunged at Dr. ██████, closing most of the distance before being killed by Guard ███████████.