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Dust, Embodied

Object Class: Esoteric

Special Containment Procedures

One instance of SCP-910 is to be stored within Site-01's Critical Information Storage Unit. Personnel with Level-4 Clearance and access to Project PEARBLOSSOM-11 may request supervised viewings of the CISU-held copy of SCP-910.

MTF Eta-82 ("Inkhounds") is to monitor rare book auctions and online marketplaces for instances of SCP-910. Sampling surveys of bookstores worldwide are to be conducted by Foundation AI OU-BIBLIOPHAGE, which is to further direct Foundation Internet trawlers in the detection and removal of all information pertaining to SCP-910.

All discovered copies of SCP-910 are to be destroyed following retrieval and processing, except in the event that the Foundation-held archival copy has been damaged. In cases where peaceful acquisition of an instance has been deemed impossible, MTF Eta-82 is to ensure their destruction under 14-ULTRAVIOLET engagement parameters.

SYSTEM NOTICE: Overseer-6, 6 items require your attention.


SCP-910 is an 156-page book titled Organizational Symbology: New Tools for the Oldest Craft, which describes methods to transform mundane organizations into anomalous entities for use in thaumaturgic rituals. Approximately 10 copies of SCP-910 have been published yearly since 1955 by the Penn & Brooke Scribeworks (GoI-154.) The author is listed as Erin Ahmadi, whose biography describes as a thaumaturgist and amateur botanist living in Hell, Michigan. No other records of this individual have been located.

The body of SCP-910's text details the theory that groups of humans organized according to specific principles can fill roles in thaumaturgic rituals traditionally held by biological or mineral components. For example: An organization may fill the need for a physical circle that would otherwise be drawn in chalk or blood. Such a substitution is argued to greatly increase the efficacy of the augmented ritual. These organizations often exhibit anomalous effects in the course of routine operations, some of which are further documented within SCP-910.

Seven of the book's nine chapters depict different structures of organizations, outlining them through a combination of thaumaturgic jargon and elaborate metaphors. The presentation of ritual construction and execution throughout the book bears similarities to the theories of the Three River School, which emphasizes the need for balance of power across spell systems.

Tests of SCP-910's outlines have produced varied results. Organizations structured in accordance with chapters 3, 7 and 8 have generated significant anomalous effects. Organizations structured in accordance with chapters 2 and 6 have generated minor and inconsistent anomalous effects. The contents of chapters 4 and 5 produced no discernible results during testing. On average, the organizations generating the strongest anomalous effects produced the largest improvement in the results of related thaumaturgic rituals.

SYSTEM NOTICE: Overseer-6, 7 items require your attention.

Addendum 910-A (Text Samples)