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Colonial Cetacean

Special Containment Procedures

Revised ██/██/20██. Due to the successful capture of SCP-879, it is to be stored in a reinforced aquatic specimen tank measuring 30 x 20 x 10 meters on Site-██. SCP-879 is to be kept in a chemically-induced coma via intravenous injection. It requires no nutrients outside of bi-weekly hydrogen sulfide injections.

All tools that come in contact with SCP-879 are to be fully sterilized, so as to prevent accidental spread or exposure of the entity’s pheromones.

The former Site-55 and all specimens of SCP-879-2 contained therein are to be remotely observed by drones operated from the Foundation research ships Andromeda, Alcatraz, and Black Martin. A 20 km security perimeter is to be kept around Site-55 at all times.


SCP-879 is an oceanic mammal measuring 26 meters in length (85.3 feet), bearing a strong resemblance to the order Cetacea. The creature has smooth skin, which is primarily black with a white underbelly, and moves by means of a fluked tail and ten sets of flippers. The two foremost pairs are highly muscular, and are still used as rudimentary limbs during beaching. While SCP-879 is toothed, it also possesses a set of retractable baleen.

SCP-879 exudes a powerful pheromone based in epidermal oils with severe mind-altering effects in humans over a range of approximately 100 meters, as well as the capability of further spread through physical contact. Those exposed to the pheromone will seek out SCP-879 with single-minded determination, ignoring all but the strongest of outside stimuli. Study of subjects’ brain chemistry indicates a state resembling sexual attraction. Upon encountering SCP-879, subjects will strip themselves of clothing, make physical contact with the entity, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Surgical removal is only viable within the first hour of absorption, and has only been effective in █.█% of attempts.

SCP-879 currently has no fewer than seventy-three individual humans absorbed into its own body, which now exist as vestigial clusters of organs. The subjects’ neural and cardiovascular systems are linked to that of SCP-879, while unnecessary systems such as the digestive and respiratory have atrophied. This effectively grants SCP-879 a secondary nervous system and the appropriate means to oxygenate it, as well as the functions granted by the repurposing of these grafts. Absorbed bodies fall into one of three categories:

  • Sexual: Grafts will be repurposed into reproductive organs, supplying eggs and sperm to SCP-879 and granting it the capability of hermaphroditic reproduction.
  • Chemosynthetic: Grafts will become organs housing specialized bacteria which feed off of hydrogen sulfide that has been absorbed by SCP-879 and are used as a steady supply of energy.
  • Unspecialized: Grafts will serve no further purpose after absorption.

SCP-879 was first seen in 1976, when it beached itself on the island housing Site-55 (Coordinates [REDACTED], off the coast of Antarctica), and proceeded to absorb the staff present and spawn the first generation of SCP-879-2. This breeding site has been used for all subsequent generations, with an average of 3-4 years between beachings. Outside of reproduction, SCP-879’s recorded pre-containment behavior consisted solely of seafloor hibernation periods used to absorb hydrogen sulfide from deep-water vents and a migratory swimming pattern contained within an approximately 1200 square mile section of the Antarctic and south Pacific oceans.

There have been nine recorded generations of SCP-879-2, (Classified as SCP-879-2a to SCP-879-2i) and a total of eighty-six individuals living on Site-55 as of ██/██/20██. The appearance of these differs from brood to brood: earlier generations bear more resemblance to humans, while later ones will more closely resemble SCP-879. All specimens of SCP-879-2 have shown aggression towards any intrusion upon Site-55 by Foundation personnel, and no individuals are capable of moving themselves any significant distance away from Site-55. It is believed that SCP-879-2 would have reached full development by the twelfth generation.

Addendum-01: ██/██/20██: Due to a shift in SCP-879’s migration pattern, which brought it dangerously close to Tasmania and the Australian coast, operation “Belly Flop” was ordered by the O5 board, carried out by Dr. ██████████ and Agent █.

Addendum-02: ██/██/20██: Operation “Belly Flop” concludes as a success: SCP-879 was brought under Foundation control, but with more physical damage than originally projected. Dr. ██████████ was put under disciplinary review for causing needless damage to an SCP item.

Addendum-03: ██/██/2010: Footage recorded by drones observing Site-55 shows two SCP-879-2 individuals (897-2i-3 and 879-2h-6, respectively) displaying mating behavior. Results of said behavior remain inconclusive. Observation of Site-55 has been increased, and five members of task force Gamma-6 deployed to the Black Martin to provide further support.