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Summer of '48

File photo of facility housing SCP-869, taken prior to containment

Special Containment Procedures

The facility housing SCP-869 is to be owned and operated by Supertastic Carnival Promotions, a Foundation front company, and is to remain in operation and open to the public for its intended purpose. A secondary service bridge is to be built to replace SCP-869. SCP-869 is to remain closed to park staff and the public. Both ends of SCP-869 are to be monitored by Foundation personnel operating as park security officers for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access.

All surveys of SCP-869 and the area beyond are to be conducted by Level 1 personnel operating in groups of three or more. Survey personnel are to be dressed in clothing appropriate to late 1940s mainstream American fashion and are to carry no more than ten dollars in pre-1948 US currency, as well as period-appropriate identification badges identifying them as local police, FBI agents, or Foundation personnel as necessary to facilitate interaction with park officials. Personnel conducting surveys are not to carry any equipment, technology, or personal effects that were not available to the Foundation in 1948. Personnel are to exit SCP-869 no later than 8 P.M., one hour prior to the park's scheduled closing time.


SCP-869 is a service bridge attached to the █████████ Historic Pleasure Pier, an amusement park located on a pier extending out over the ocean in the US state of [REDACTED]. SCP-869 was built in 20██ concurrent to the construction of the park itself, a recreation of an earlier pleasure pier which existed on the same site from 194█ until it was severely damaged by Hurricane [REDACTED] in 19██ and subsequently demolished.

SCP-869's anomalous properties manifest whenever the park is open for business and none of the park's attractions have been closed due to inclement weather. When these conditions are met, approximately ██% of persons crossing SCP-869 from the landward side to the pier, on foot or in a vehicle, will not arrive at the pier and will lose visual contact with land and pier-based observers at approximately the halfway point between the bridge's termini. The area that persons so afflicted arrive at, based on forensic analysis of photographs taken by survey teams, is physically identical to the original pleasure pier constructed on the site as it existed in the summer of 1948.


File photo of the original pier in mid-1948

In all surveys conducted since the discovery of SCP-869's properties, interviews with civilians found within the anomaly and evidence recovered in the form of calendars and newspapers indicate that the date within the anomaly is Saturday, July 24th, 1948, █ years after the original pleasure pier opened for business. Local time within the anomaly is consistent with the time of day outside it. Surveys have indicated that events within the anomaly occur consistently in the same manner, at the same time, as during all previous observations, except when survey team members are directly involved. On no occasion has any survey team spotted any previous survey team within the anomaly.

No means of direct communication across SCP-869 has been discovered to date. Radio, cellular phone, satellite, and other wireless transmissions have proven non-functional, and attempts at laying a telephone line across SCP-869 and into the anomaly have consistently resulted in the cable-laying team failing to enter the anomaly.

In all cases where it has been attempted, crossing back to shore along SCP-869 from the anomaly, prior to the close of business for the day (which on 7/24/48 occurred at 9 P.M.) has returned survey team members to the shore successfully. Survey team members exiting the pier within the anomaly by its main entrance have found that the [REDACTED] mainland similarly is identical in all discernible ways to the state that it existed in in 1948. In all cases where persons originating within the anomaly have been persuaded to cross SCP-869 to the mainland, that individual has not arrived on shore. All personnel remaining within the anomaly after the close of business have been lost. No indication of the presence or ultimate disposition of persons missing within the anomaly has been found on any subsequent survey.

SCP-869 came to the Foundation's attention shortly after the opening of the █████████ Historic Pleasure Pier in 20██, and the subsequent disappearance of several park employees while crossing from land to the pier. To date, fifteen individuals are known to have become lost within SCP-869, comprising eleven civilians and four Foundation personnel. Refer to Document 869-332-B for a full accounting of surveying actions and dossiers on missing persons.