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Candied Worms

Connected to: SCP-1517


Special Containment Procedures

All instances of SCP-839 are to be kept in containment chamber 839-1. The chamber is to be supplied with approximately half (1/2) of a kilogram of various plant matter daily. Mating of SCP-839 is to be regulated, and any extra instances of SCP-839 are to be kept in Foundation medical centers for treatment of ill individuals.


SCP-839 appears to be a species of annelid composed of sugar, flavouring and colouring. A microscopic label stating "CANDIED WORM" is found near each instance's posterior, followed by a smaller label stating the instance's "flavour". Each "flavour" is currently designated as SCP-839-x.

SCP-839 is generally found in temperate areas. SCP-839's diet mainly consists of decomposing organic matter, however when there is no decaying matter apparent SCP-839 may ingest live plant matter. SCP-839 sexually reproduces. Mating [REDACTED], followed by the egg hatching into a newborn instance of SCP-839.

When SCP-839 is ingested by any mammal, it will burrow through the stomach lining and towards a specialized organ. The choice of organ appears to be dependent on SCP-839's "flavour". SCP-839 will then attach itself to the organ and slowly ingest it. While the organ disappears, SCP-839 will change in form and chemical composition in order to match the organ. SCP-839 does not act as a perfect replacement, and other effects may occur. This process may take █ to ██ days to complete.1

SCP-839 has an average lifespan of three years. Users of SCP-839 are recommended to replace their integrated instance with a new instance every two years.

Addendum 839-1 Current "flavours" of SCP-839

"Flavour" Colouration Organ Replaced Other Effects Designation
Cherry Red (Pictured above) Heart Increased blood sugar, Type-2 Diabetes SCP-839-1
Blue Raspberry Blue Kidney (One) Blue urine SCP-839-2
Green Apple Green Eye (One) Mild hallucinations, "greenish" tint SCP-839-3
Watermelon Pink Brain [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-839-4
Lemon Yellow Stomach Less Fibre content, diarrhea (Note: recommended for use with other instances of SCP-839, due to the ulcers created) SCP-839-5
Grape Purple Lung (one) "Fruity" smell to breath SCP-839-6
Orange Orange Liver Increased acidity of bloodstream (Not recommended) SCP-839-7