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Carnival of Horrors

SCP-823 as photographed by Foundation aerial surveillance.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-823 is to be secured by no fewer than six (6) on-site personnel until such time as decontamination protocols can be established and the artifact in question neutralized. Personnel must respect a twenty meter (20 m) safe zone around the currently established Red (No Entry) Zone at all costs. Any individual, civilian or not, who enters the established Red Zone is to be terminated immediately by sniper fire.

Should music or piping be heard emanating from within the Red Zone, Foundation personnel on-site are to immediately don protective earplugs and withdraw from their positions to a two kilometer (2 km) perimeter, beyond the currently established Yellow (No Civilian Presence) Zone, and inform Foundation scientific personnel immediately. Following the realignment event, Foundation science personnel will survey the area and determine the boundaries of the new Red and Yellow zones using Procedure 823-1-Alpha.

Due to the necessity of maintaining auditory alertness, no personal music devices or radios aside from necessary equipment are to be allowed at the observation site.


SCP-823 is an abandoned theme (amusement) park located in █████, █████. Site was abandoned in ████ after several violent events resulting in the deaths of park attendees. A complete list of said events is included in Supplement 823-01-13, "Civilian Deaths Attributed to SCP-823."

SCP-823 was finally abandoned after the events of ██-██-████, also known as "Bloody Sunday," when the influence of the artifact in question reached a 20-year peak. Two hundred thirty-one (231) attendees were killed, and another seven (7) injured or maimed. A complete list of casualties is included in Supplement 823-01-14, "Civilian Deaths Resulting from Event 823-99-Euclid," but include:


Images of SCP-823 recovered by surveillance drone.

  • Two (2) individuals, male and female, fused together at multiple points after emerging from the "Tunnel of Love" dark ride. (dead)
  • One (1) individual wearing a "Happy Hippo" mascot uniform, found dead of suffocation. Mouth, trachea, and lungs were discovered to be filled with a fibrous substance later determined to be identical to the stuffing in said mascot uniform. (dead)
  • Fifteen (15) individuals recovered from the "Thriller Chiller" roller coaster, all decapitated by blunt force. Witnesses reported that the deaths did not occur simultaneously, but in groups of two, starting with the front row of seats and ending with the back. Forensic analysis indicates that each set of deaths corresponded to a loop or turn in the roller coaster's tracks. (dead)
  • One (1) individual recovered from under the "Thriller Chiller" roller coaster, dead of broken neck and massive cranial trauma caused by a fifty-foot fall from an inverted position. Individual was seated at the back of said roller coaster, and somehow managed to extricate self from the ride's safety harness halfway through the ride. (dead)
  • One (1) individual found dismembered inside the "House of Mirrors" attraction. Left arm was found sixteen feet to the north from the torso. Left leg was found inverted and attached to the ceiling by sinews. Right leg was found in the possession of Subject 79, partially consumed (forensic analysis indicates that teeth marks found on flesh and bone of said leg are human in origin). To date, no trace of right arm has been found. (alive)
  • <FOR COMPLETE RECORD OF CASUALTIES, PLEASE SEE SUPPLEMENT 823-01-14, "Civilian Deaths Resulting from Event 823-99-Euclid.">

Following said event, Foundation Mobile Task Force Rho-71 ("Origami Toads") was sent into the site to assess the situation and carry out containment procedures. MTF Rho-71 was not successful in determining the cause or location of the deaths due to casualties inflicted on team members (see Supplement 823-01-15, "Casualties among MTF Rho-71 resulting from Event 823-99-Euclid"). Partial list of casualties included:


Unable to determine context or content of above photograph.

  • MTF Rho-71 commander ████████ ██████████. Cause of death: suicide caused by forced sexual entry through left eye, resulting in unsurvivable brain trauma.
  • Agent ████ ████████. Cause of death: suicide. Individual was found with all ammunition disassembled, casings and bullets discarded. ██ grams of propellant, consistent with the amount of disassembled ammunition found on scene, were retrieved from individual's stomach and intestines.
  • Agent ███ ███████. Cause of death: suicide. Individual was discovered with lacerated lungs and broken jaw. Missing teeth were retrieved from individual's lungs and trachea.

<FOR COMPLETE RECORD OF CASUALTIES, PLEASE SEE SUPPLEMENT 823-01-15, "Casualties among MTF Rho-71 resulting from Event 823-99-Euclid.">

Following the deaths of 50% of the Mobile Task Force personnel, on-site supervisor ordered an immediate mission abort. Containment protocol was switched from Retrieval to On-Site Securement. Standard media blackout procedures were carried out, including [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 823-01 Re: Destruction of Site - Per O5-level order, request for immediate destruction of site by air strike, to be led by MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down"), is denied due to proximity to civilian population, lack of plausible cover story scenario, and unknown nature of artifact in question.

Addendum 823-02 Re: Red Zone - As of this date, SCP-823 has undergone three realignment events requiring resurveying of affected zones. Apparent range of Red (No Entry) Zone has increased in size by 5% during that time. Rate of expansion appears to be accelerating at a linear rate (see Report 823-02-07, "Result of Seventh Survey of SCP-823"). Request upgrade to Keter.

Addendum 823-03 Re: Upgrade to Keter - Denied by O5 council. Reason: insufficient data to justify reclassification.