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Snake Nut Can

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-815 requires no extraordinary containment procedures beyond a standard keypad-locked storage locker. Contact Doctor Meyers for access permissions. Under no circumstances should any non-class-D personnel open SCP-815. SCP-815 should be handled carefully as to prevent accidental activation.


SCP-815 is a novelty “snake nut can,” a common prank device that consists of a small canister labeled “Salted Mixed Nuts,” while in actuality it contains four cloth-covered springs (meant to represent "snakes") that fly out upon opening. X-ray and multi-spectral imaging have as yet determined no measurable unusual qualities of the can or "snakes".

Upon opening, the "snakes" instantaneously vanish from the can and violently burst forth from the nearest person's (see note) face with extreme force. High-speed video footage reveals that the "snakes" appear to emerge from the lower sinuses, typically shattering the nose, cheekbones and upper jaw upon exiting. As a result, subjects often avoid major brain damage and remain alive until termination or death from blood loss/shock.

After approximately fifteen seconds, the can re-seals itself and produces another four ordinary "snakes". The method by which the “snakes” achieve such extraordinary velocity without breaking is unknown.

Note: Researchers are to be reminded that SCP-815 acts on the nearest person, even when opened by robot. I don't want to have to keep cleaning up these accidents, people.
– Doctor Meyers