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Unwitting Dreamshaper

Connected to: SCP-122SCP-452

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-781 is to be contained within a reinforced cell with a buffer zone at least 25mx25m surrounding it. Subject's cell should include a bed, bathroom, and limited forms of entertainment as approved. As soon as subject initiates sleep, usually at around 20:00, all personnel present in the main containment chamber should evacuate. All personnel are prohibited from interfering with any situation within SCP-781's chamber between 20:00 and 07:00, despite any pleas for aid or attention from SCP-781. [See Addendum 781-05]

SCP-781 is to be interviewed each morning at 07:00 by Dr. Glass. Any personnel seeing SCP-781 in their dreams are to report to Dr. Glass for documentation.

SCP-781's remains should be collected and placed upon the middle of his containment chamber after any incident resulting in its death.


SCP-781 appears to be a human male of Mediterranean descent, approximately [REDACTED] years old as of █/█/10. However, when he was first recovered in █/█/97, he appeared to be approximately [REDACTED] years old. Autopsies performed on the subject have determined SCP-781 to be physiologically identical to average humans. The reasons for any anomalies surrounding SCP-781, including decreased rate of aging, are unknown.

It is thought that while asleep, SCP-781 involuntarily manifests his own dream-content into a physical form. The majority of these "manifestations" are hostile and highly-dangerous, and on average SCP-781 is killed three times per week. Testing using D-Class personnel shows that these manifestations specifically target SCP-781 over other potential victims, but are capable of harming others should they attempt to interfere.

It seems that though it is required that SCP-781 be asleep to create manifestations, it is not required that he continue sleeping for their continued existence. Thankfully, these manifestations are not wholly independent of their creator, and always remain relatively close to SCP-781, up to a range of about 9m. Manifestations that are even partly forced out of this range immediately disappear entirely. Manifestations seem to linger upwards of five (5) minutes even after SCP-781's physical death.

Lastly and importantly, it is to be noted that SCP-781 seems capable of auto-resurrection. Though the subject does not exhibit resistance to injury or death beyond the limits of a normal human, twelve (12) hours after SCP-781's physical "death" any remains of its corpse disappear. Another twelve (12) hours later, a fully healthy SCP-781 appears within 10m of the place of its previous death.

Further Notes: While SCP-781 seems to display no control over his own dream manifestations, testing has shown that he is capable of perceiving and manipulating the dreams of sleeping subjects in his vicinity. This ability was helpful in determining the source of SCP-781's manifestations.

Document 781-01 Most of SCP-781's night-time manifestations are hostile to SCP-781, and are quick to cause him harm. The majority of manifestations never repeat themselves, but there have been cases where reoccurring manifestations have occurred. The following is a list of some of the manifestations seen more than once.

  • Sewage bursting from the floor, accompanied by a seemingly unending swarm of rats which quickly overwhelm SCP-781 and proceed to devour him alive, leaving only bones and bits of flesh. Has been observed twice.
  • A large woman holding a hose which seems to extend from the ground, which she forcibly inserts into SCP-781's throat. The hose seems to expel a thick white liquid, which the woman uses to drown SCP-781. Has appeared twice.
  • A large humanoid figure about 4.57m (15ft) tall, made up of a transparent and highly acidic substance. Has appeared twice, both times after interviews with personnel other than Dr. Glass. Tends to grapple SCP-781 in its arms until death due to major acid burns or suffocation.
  • A large floating mass with several tendrils bearing sharp needle-like spines, which forcibly drew SCP-781 into it. SCP-781 died two hours later from blood loss. Appeared three times in the space of a month, but has not been seen since.
  • An old woman with rotting flesh, which attacks SCP-781 with her teeth and nails. Typically SCP-781 is able to fight back, but almost always sustains heavy wounds which require it to be euthanized by personnel. Has appeared three times.
  • A man wearing a surgical mask, who straps SCP-781 to its bed and proceeds to slice its abdomen open with a scalpel, removing several organs. Has appeared three times, each time after an autopsy was performed on SCP-781.
  • A statue resembling [DATA EXPUNGED]. Is not observed physically harming SCP-781, but seems to cause the subject great distress, and often SCP-781 has passed out from hyperventilation at the sight of this manifesation. This particular manifestation has appeared four times now, starting on the day SCP-781 was exposed to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 781-01: See Evaluation Log 781 for extended psychological evaluation and testing.

Addendum 781-02: When introduced to SCP-452's presence, both SCP-781 and SCP-452 showed signs of agitation and distress. When questioned, SCP-781 merely stated that spiders made him uneasy. When SCP-452's web was introduced to SCP-781 for the purpose of stopping SCP-781's dreams, testing had no unusual results until [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in twelve (12) personnel casualties. Further testing between SCP-781 and SCP-452 are discontinued, and SCP-781 should be kept from making physical contact with SCP-452's webs at all cost.

Addendum 781-03: Testing SCP-███ with SCP-781 as its subject had highly unusual results; after several tries, SCP-781 was able to completely control the smoke's composition, though it took him time and considerate concentration. Further testing of SCP-███ is prohibited, as giving SCP-781 the ability to create anything he wants is, for obvious reasons, greatly discouraged.

Addendum 781-04 By orders of O5-█, as of █/█/00 personnel are no longer to interfere in SCP-781's nightly attacks. It has been determined that the personnel casualties and resource expenditure needed to protect SCP-781 can no longer be justified, as continued interference has only caused the manifestations to become more dangerous and volatile, and SCP-781's immortal nature has been fully proven in any case.

Addendum 781-06: SCP-781 has been highly successful in controlling SCP-122. It could be the foundation's advantage to use the controlled SCP-122 for [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 781-07: See Incident Log 122-1/781x.