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The Hindenburg Photograph


Special Containment Procedures

SCP-740 can be safely stored in its envelope in a security deposit box. Researchers testing SCP-740 must wear gloves at all times.


SCP-740 is a slightly dirty color-corrected Polaroid photograph depicting the May 6, 1937 explosion of the airship LZ 129 Hindenburg at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersey. The Polaroid has been determined to be a photograph taken of the original.

SCP-740's anomalous traits manifest when it is viewed while in contact with the skin. The subject touching or holding the photo will hear the sounds of explosions and people screaming. Subjects report difficulty in taking their eyes off the photograph while under its influence. Subjects holding the object typically report their inability to freely release their grip as being very distressing; many subjects have undergone emotional breakdowns as SCP-740's effects progress.

After one minute of holding and looking at the photograph, the subject's body temperature will begin to rise, accompanied by a sensation of warmness. The intensity of the warmth, as well as the volume of the auditory hallucinations, will continue to increase so long as the subject looks at the photograph. Breaking eye contact will prevent the sensations from intensifying until eye contact is reestablished, and cessation of physical contact will cause the effect to 'reset' to the initial stage should the object be handled again.

The subject will begin to emit smoke after a period of time between two and four minutes, and burst into flame shortly afterward. Time of combustion is directly correlated to subject's size and weight. This flame will consume upwards of ninety percent of the subject's body mass and has proven fatal in all cases. The fire also consumes SCP-740, which will slowly restore itself to its original condition over the next five to eighteen hours.

See Interview Log 740-01 for information on recovery.