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The Fan-Fic Plague

Object Class: Ke@#%^ SUPR1337KETER!!!!!!1!!!1!111!!#$%^

Connected to: SCP-076SCP-105

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-732 is currently uncont@!#%$ U CANT HES INVINCABLE!!!1!!1!1!111!!@#$wever, if containable, let alone contained, SCP-732 should be kept away from all vital records and should be @#$%3^@4167 Subject must be provided with a 1500 room mansion and a secret lab with which to combat crime and villainy@#$5$%86&*ll compromised records must be destroyed to avoid further contamination of our database.


SCP-732 is a force or entity whic#%^&@Subject is impossibly witty and charming^&*(%@nges our records into fan-fiction ramblin$%^& Subject has psykic powers and can blow peple up with teh blink of an eye#$%^bouts are currently unknow@#$% HES WITH ALL THE KEWL SCPS@#$%@$quiries into the nature of SCP-732 have met with little success #$%TEH HOROR!!!1!!11!! TEH ELdRICH HOROR!!!11!!!!11!!@#hile there is no certain evidence, it is theorized tha#$%^$ Subject likes cult classics %^&*%of our records have been compromised by SCP-732.

ADDENDUM-732-01: A recent breach in SCP-!@#i'manorphanwithnofamilybutlotsofmoneybwahahahaha!@'s containment, which should have warranted the simple and safe procedure of [DATA EXPUNGED], -somehow- led to the deployment of Mobile Task Force Omega-7. SCP-076%^^kicked abel's ass and now he's my bestestestfirend evar!!@# was quite displeased when he found that the "elfin death god" he was sent to contain was not a death god of any sort at all. Quite $$onadatewithSCP-105!%^displeased.. For the sake of our remaining budget, it is strongly advised that more effective methods be found for countering SCP-732's corruption^%$fgsfds!@#.

—Dr. █████