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The Trader's Residence

Connected to: SCP-158

SCP-702 in an inert state.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-702 is to be contained in a crate lined with mundane packing materials. The crate is to be kept in a standard security locker with armed guards at all times. If the crate is breached, under no circumstances are any personnel to touch the SCP without wearing a pair of standard insulated gloves and an insulated coat. The slated destruction of SCP-702 is indefinitely postponed due to the unknown effects on SCP-702-1 and possible containment breaches.


SCP-702 is a simple red vase of unknown design. Human contact with the vase causes an entity (herein referred to as SCP-702-1) to emerge from the vase and initiate contact with the individual coming into contact with SCP-702. The method of detection seems to be thermal in nature, as SCP-702-1 emerges when contact is established through thin, heat-transmitting materials, but does not emerge when contact is established through an insulated material. SCP-702-1 is a sapient gas-based life form that communicates through coordinated vibration of the air around it. A sample has been impossible to gather due to SCP-702-1's tendency to react violently to anyone coming into physical contact with it. Upon emergence, SCP-702-1 greets the subject establishing contact with SCP-702, and attempts to persuade the subject to give it a gift. If the subject refuses, the entity [DATA EXPUNGED] and takes a single object or part from the remains. Some objects are rejected by SCP-702-1, claiming that it "already has one", and demands a new gift, returning the offered object. If SCP-702-1 accepts the offered gift, it returns an object of roughly equal value to the subject and disappears. See Experiments 702-001 through 702-004 for a transcript of successful transactions with SCP-702.

Transcript Log of Experiment 702-001:

Subject D-5567 was issued a freshly sharpened #2 Ticonderoga pencil.

Subject D-5567: So, I just touch it?

Dr. █████████: That's right, D-5567. You have the object ready, correct?

Subject D-5567: Yeah, 's just a damn pencil, don't really see what I'm gonna do with it, though.

Dr. █████████: Don't worry about that, just touch the vase.

Subject D-5567: Alright, alright.

[a sound of rushing air is heard]

Subject D-5567: What the HELL?

SCP-702-1: Greetings, corporeal one! I presume you are here to deal?

Subject D-5567: I, uh, ah, uh…

Dr. █████████: The pencil, you idiot!

Subject D-5567: Uh, yes, sir! H-here you go…

SCP-702-1: Thank you, bodybound! Here is your object. That will be all.

[An intake of air is heard]

Subject D-5567: A… an eraser?

Dr. █████████: Very good, D-5567, proceed to debriefing.

Transcript Log of Experiment 702-002:

Subject D-1699 was issued a crystalline sculpture of ██████████████, procured by the Psychological Ward from a patient.

Dr. █████████: D-1699, proceed.

[A sound of air rushing is heard]

Subject D-1699: Aaaah!

SCP-702-1: Is it time to trade so soon? How delightful!

SCP-702-1: Well, you are clearly the one who bothered me, speak up!

Dr. █████████: Talk to it!

[Subject D-1699 gibbers incoherently]

SCP-702-1: You waste my time, fool. We shall not deal.


Dr. █████████: Subject D-1699 was killed by SCP-702-1. The sculpture was recovered.

Transcript Log of Experiment 702-003

Subject D-1010 was issued a crystalline sculpture of ██████████████, procured by the Psychological Ward from a patient.

Dr. █████████: Go ahead, 1010, we haven't got all day.

Subject D-1010: No, what's it gonna do? You gotta tell me first, doc!

Dr. █████████: Subject D-1010, I remind you that deviation from protocol will result in immediate termination by Foundation security staff.

Subject D-1010: I… I… fine.

[a sound of rushing air is heard]

SCP-702-1: Your kind again! I do so love new pieces for my collection!

Subject D-1010: Oh God, collection? I don't want to die!

SCP-702-1: I have only a short time, slow one, and you waste it. Do you desire trade, or no?

Subject D-1010: Tra- you want this fucked up statue?

Dr. █████████: SCP-702-1 appears to be considering the statue and is emitting a humming sound.

[Note: Harmonics testing later indicated a frequency associated with deep thought.]

SCP-702-1: How very… interesting. Here is my response.

[an intake of air is heard]

Subject D-1010: A… wow, that's heavy.

Dr. █████████: Proceed to debriefing, 1010.

[long period of silence, recording clicks off and clicks on again]

Dr. █████████: SCP-702-1 issued a two point eight kilogram jar of an unidentified liquid. The jar appears to be made of glass. The liquid is clear, but I am not removing the lid to identify odors. The jar will be sent to the labs for chemical analysis.

Transcript Log of Experiment 702-004:

Subject D-8133 was issued a vial containing a sample from SCP-158.

Subject D-8133: So I touch the vase with this in my hand and give it away if I can?

Dr. █████████: That is correct, D-8133. Please listen to briefings in the future.

Subject D-8133: Awright, doc, don't get your panties in a knot.

Dr. █████████: Just proceed with the experiment, D-8133.

[a sound of rushing air is heard]

Subject D-8133: The fuck?

SCP-702-1: Those of flesh and blood, sinew and bone again! Your kind always has such fascinating trinkets, and trade has never been so brisk!

Subject D-8133: Here, take this and let me outta here.

Dr. █████████: SCP-702-1 is emitting a hum, as in Experiment 702-003.

[Note: Harmonics testing later indicated a frequency associated with fear.]

SCP-702-1: Absolutely not. I am tempted, but I cannot possibly afford that. Good day.

[an intake of air is heard]

Subject D-8133: So, uh, can I leave?

Dr. █████████: Absolutely, Subject D-8133. Head to the debriefing room, and well done.

Addendum: Any further experimentation on SCP-702 is to be appended to Experiment Log 702 in the abbreviated style outlined therein.