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All the time in the world

[REDACTED], Vermont. January 5th, 2005. 7:23 AM.

Special Containment Procedures

The neighborhood that SCP-694 occupies has been evacuated with a cover story of industrial contamination, and is to be kept sealed off; homes have been purchased from their residents, and used for the establishment of observation sites known as Site-48 extension Security Post-694.
Many years before the Nothing:Something incident…
All routes that lead to the chase between SCP-694-1 and SCP-694-3 and SCP-694-4 have been closed off, with personnel stationed to re-route drivers away from the anomaly. MTF-Zeta 10 ("Time Travelers") are to stand guard and provide assistance to have public awareness of SCP-694 removed. Foundation personnel assigned with SCP-694 are to record each iteration of SCP-694.


SCP-694 is an externally observable time loop that has been cycling every 38 minutes since November 23, 2004, in the town of [REDACTED], Vermont. SCP-694 contains the events of an attempted kidnapping and armed pursuit, followed by a car crash in a ravine alongside [REDACTED] road.

SCP-694 occupies four spherical regions of space, each of which is approximately five meters in diameter and centered on one of the four participants in the loop (SCP-694-1, -2, -3, and -4) as they repeat their original trajectory, beginning at the residence of SCP-694-1 and -2, and terminating at the bottom of the ravine alongside [REDACTED] road.

Although personnel have been able to enter SCP-694, and add and remove objects, there is as of yet no known way to affect the events of the loop (see experiment log for details). Loop participants do not respond to non-loop stimuli (e.g., the presence of Foundation personnel, either as observers or experimenters), and can be assumed to be unaware of any and all non-loop events. When forcibly removed from the space within the loop, participants will continue to repeat the actions of the loop to the extent that this is physically possible, and will die when the loop reaches its terminus; autopsies have thus far not indicated any identifiable cause of death.

Participants in SCP-694:

  • SCP-694-1: identified as local resident Alexander Lang, aged 52. Caucasian. Listed as widowed, with no immediate family apart from SCP-694-2. No records have been found of SCP-694-1's existence prior to his arrival in Vermont (█/█/1999).
  • SCP-694-2: identified as local resident Philip Lang, aged 6. Mixed race. Son of SCP-694-1; mother unidentified. No records have been found of SCP-694-2's existence prior to his arrival in Vermont (█/█/1999).
  • SCP-694-3 and SCP-694-4: unidentified1 kidnappers; both Caucasian males. Wielding empty handguns (reported stolen November 15, 2004).