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A Coward's Way Out

Object Class: Euclid (Reclassification to Safe pending confirmation from Foundation Intelligence that [REDACTED])

Special Containment Procedures

One instance of SCP-691 (SCP-691-0) is to be stored in a safety deposit box within the Foundation archives at Site-██. Any other instances are to be destroyed following confirmation that they are identical to SCP-691-0. Access is restricted to Dr. ████-████████ and her research assistants. Following Incident SCP-691-I1, second-hand recordings of SCP-691 are prohibited unless permission is granted from a member of staff with level 5 clearance. Please see investigation logs for details of standard experimental procedure with respect to any instance of SCP-691.


There are currently fifteen identical instances of SCP-691 that are, or have been, under Foundation control. SCP-691 is a plain blue cassette tape on which is printed "Pure Escapism-Limited Edition. 1 of only 250!" One side of the tape contains a short foreword by an unknown male, introducing a piece of music (see addendum SCP-691-A1 for further details). On the opposite side, Aquarela do Brasil, using S.K. Russel's English lyrics, can be heard. This particular version is played by a modern symphony orchestra with an unidentified lyric tenor providing the vocals. It should be noted that the foreword will always be played first, regardless of which side of the tape is entered into a player, and both pieces will always be played from the beginning.

The foreword is harmless and has yet to be linked to any of the effects of SCP-691, aside from encouraging the listener to turn the tape over. Subjects listening to the musical piece have reported visual, auditory, and tactile hallucinations along with a sense of relaxation and well-being. However, it is unclear whether this is due to the nature of the hallucinations or if it is one of the tape's cognitive effects. Hallucinations have always been described as benign by listeners and have not been cited as a direct cause of any psychological trauma. Even though hallucinations vary, they have shown some consistency for repeat listeners.

Subjects allowed free access to SCP-691 will eventually become capable of doing little more than listening to the tape repeatedly, in several extreme cases forgoing food and drink to do so. Regular listeners who are denied access will not show traditional withdrawal symptoms. Instead, they will show difficulty in acknowledging visual and aural stimuli. In a few cases, subjects have either refused to or been unable to acknowledge any external stimulus.

Addendum SCP-691-A1 Transcript of SCP-691's foreword:

Hi there. If you're listening to this, then I can assume that life has got the better of you. Things didn't work out the way you wanted them to, did they? Sometimes it's bad luck, sometimes you're the cause of your own ruin, or maybe it's just that you're going nowhere, I'm not one to judge. Everybody has regrets, it's perfectly normal, you don't have to lie to yourself. But I'm digressing so I'll get to the point. I've got some good news for you, Sir or Madam! I can offer you a way out- no no no no, it's not suicide, you and I both know you don't have the stomach for that unpleasantness. I'm offering you something so much better, besides. All you have to do flip this tape over, close your eyes and relax. Think of somewhere nice. Think of the good times. Think of those things you always wanted to do. Now I can't promise that I can give you these, but what I can promise is this; on the other side of this tape you will find an escape from your own personal train wreck. Enjoy.

Addendum SCP-691-A2 All further study on SCP-691 is to be focused on identifying traits associated with its use as per Dr.████-████████'s instructions. A request has also been made to study the effects of secondhand recordings of SCP-691-0 at various volumes (approval pending). Foundation Intelligence and a detachment of MTF Alpha-2 are working to identify and retrieve any other instances of SCP-691 that may be available to the general public.