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Smoky Cigars

Connected to: SCP-013

Special Containment Procedures

All instances of SCP-618 are kept in individual airtight containers within a larger climate controlled humidor. The climate control system for the humidor has been adapted to collect all products of SCP-618 and store them in pressurized tanks.

All personnel who interact with SCP-618 are to wear level A/type 1 hazardous material protective suits. In the event of accidental exposure to the byproducts of SCP-618, personnel are authorized to request termination prior to the onset of anomalous effects.


SCP-618 is a collection of 37 (originally 50) parejo-style cigars without brand identification. SCP-618 instances continually exude a colorless gas containing several volatile aromatics, which give it a characteristic smell of burning or smokiness. This gas additionally contains several previously unknown compounds1 which act as mild hallucinogens and opiates while in gaseous form. Although there is no detectable anomalous compulsion to smoke SCP-618, the pleasant, addictive compounds they exude tends to influence those directly exposed to them, with the end result that affected individuals are more likely to want to consume SCP-618.

Once lit, the smoke produced by SCP-618 contains greater amounts of the abnormal compounds found in the original gas, as well as a highly allergenic compound. At concentrations greater than 100 ppm, this allergen produces hives, blisters, and weeping rashes on all living mammalian dermal tissues within 30 seconds of making contact. If left untreated, these will rapidly develop into open skin lesions as the dermal tissue necrotizes. Exposed nerve endings are anaesthetized by the opiates found in the smoke, which reduces the likelihood that affected organisms will notice the damage.

If left exposed to SCP-618 smoke for longer than 30 minutes, firm subdermal cysts will develop at the affected areas and major joints. These cysts contain a pressurized fluid-air mixture consisting of blood plasma and concentrated SCP-618 smoke. Once a cyst has begun to form, it will continue to grow, with increasing internal pressure, until it ruptures. Upon rupture, the expelled smoke retains the anomalous properties of the original smoke, and may affect other portions of the host organism or nearby organisms. The expelled blood plasma has similar properties to the smoke and is able to transmit the effects on contact for up to 17 days after it has dried.

Experiments using laboratory mice indicate that, after introducing a single affected individual into an otherwise normal population in a well-ventilated area, it would be possible to produce a chain-reaction that results in >90% of all organisms becoming exposed within 24 hours.