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The Sculptor of SoHo

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-602 appears to be immobile and localized to Apartment ███, ██ Greene St, New York City. Thus, containment of SCP-602 consists of keeping the public away from, and ensuring that SCP-602 does not expand beyond or move out of, Apt. ███. However, due to its location in a heavily-populated urban center (i.e. Manhattan), SCP-602 requires special considerations for containment.

Apt. ███ must remain locked from the outside with both mechanical locks and concealed electronic locks. No one may enter or remove anything from Apt. ███ without Level 4 authorization.

Apt. ███, the entire first floor and basement, and all unoccupied units at ██ Greene St are collectively designated Containment Site-28. The remaining units in the building are occupied by civilians who have lived there since SCP-602 was initially contained. These units will be acquired by the Foundation as they are vacated, but occupants will not be directly forced out of their apartments. However, all measures short of lethal force have been authorized to keep civilians out of Site-28 areas, up to and including non-lethal force and use of Class-A amnestics. To date, the Foundation has acquired █ of the ██ units in the building. See Document 602-S28 for more information.


SCP-602 is an unseen entity that can manipulate objects within Apartment ███. SCP-602 can exert enough force to knock people over and hold them down. While SCP-602 appears able to affect objects anywhere within Apt. ███, it cannot affect anything outside the apartment if the front door is closed. Thus, SCP-602 can be effectively contained with external locks on Apt. ███’s door.

Apt. ███ does not have standard furnishings. Instead, scattered around the apartment are dozens of sculptures that resemble extremely distorted human beings. These sculptures appear to be made from a variety of materials, including marble, granite, wood, metal, porcelain, [DATA EXPUNGED], and glass. [DATA EXPUNGED]. Two doors lead out of the entry room: a door in the left wall that is stuck and has never been opened, and a door in the back wall (added between 198█ and 199█) that is usually closed. The second door leads to a room that contains more sculptures, as well as a table on which lay a large array of tools for sculpting [DATA EXPUNGED]. Also in this room are outside-facing windows that always have the blinds drawn. All attempts to remove any of the sculptures or tools, or the table, from Apt. ███ have been met with violent resistance from SCP-602.

Any person inside Apt. ███ is subject to attack by SCP-602. Through an unknown method, SCP-602 can apparently transform a living human into a sculpture of variable material, similar to the sculptures already present in Apt. ███. When doing so, SCP-602 will close and lock the front door of the apartment from the inside, completely barring entry to and exit from the apartment during that time. SCP-602 will also destroy or otherwise neutralize any sensory equipment set up within Apt. ███, and has consistently destroyed concealed surveillance equipment carried by test subjects before transforming these subjects.

Addendum 1: Document 602-S28, Establishment of Site-28

SCP-602 came to the attention of the Foundation in late 198█, after the disappearance of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Foundation acquired the ██ Greene St building shortly thereafter. Overwatch determined that the interests of the Foundation would best be served by low-profile piecemeal acquisition of the rest of the building rather than exerting eminent domain over civilian-occupied units.

Once SCP-602 was officially classified as Safe and containment procedures were enacted, the areas of the building held by the Foundation were designated Containment Site-28. Task Force Pi-1 (“City Slickers”) was established to keep civilians out of Site-28 areas. [DATA EXPUNGED] was established as a front business on the ground floor of the building.

Site-28 has expanded its scope since its founding, serving as a base of operations for the Foundation in the northeastern US, temporary and permanent housing for Foundation personnel, and a containment site for a few Safe SCPs. Pi-1 was upgraded to a Mobile Task Force, specializing in acquisition and containment of anomalous objects in heavily-populated environments. Members of Pi-1 also offer training in Urban Operations at Site-28. For more information on the Urban Operations curriculum, see Document P1-UrbOps.

Addendum 2: Document 602-L01, Exploration Log

Addendum 3: Document 602-L02, Contact Log

Addendum 4: Document 602-CP1, Contact Protocol