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A Sunken Relic

Connected to: SCP-1104

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-496 is to be held in an aquatic containment unit located in Site-77's Safe SCP wing. The containment unit is to be flooded with seawater matching or as close as possible, to the mixture from the area of which it was recovered. Personnel are also to resupply nutrients to the water every 2 weeks via the filter system to keep the biological component of SCP-496 nourished. Personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher are to be denied any direct access to SCP-496's containment unit. Level 1 personnel who work directly with SCP-496 must submit to weekly psychological evaluations during and for 2 months after the period of contact.


SCP-496 is a humanoid statue composed primarily of calcium carbonate in the form of deceased coral. It is 1 meter tall and weighs 296 kilograms. Radiocarbon dating indicates that it is at least 1,200 years old. Analysis indicates that SCP-496's interior is dead with a thin layer of fresh, living coral and other organisms coating most of its exterior. These organisms have existed in their current state perpetually for the ██ years SCP-496 has been in containment. When it was discovered, several instances of SCP-1104 were discovered living within it.

When a human subject approaches SCP-496, their perception of the area around them will change. Subjects will report being in a large urban area, populated by humanoid figures. The area has been reported as being composed entirely out of coral with a large ornate pillar in the center of it. An artificial roof made of coral will be seen above the subject's head with reflections of ocean water being visible. However these reflections may change form to match constellations, persons present within the city, or what appear to be godlike1 figures battling large sea creatures.

SCP-496 is capable of movement, however attempts at communication have been limited due to its underwater presence. Construction of an underwater interview area has been denied due to the expense cost.

Testimony of D-9987 after being exposed to SCP-496

There were these big houses… made of shells and stuff. They didn't really seem to have any pattern to them, looked like they made up the streets as they went along. The roads were coral too. I just kept walkin' through, looking for someone to ask where I was. Wasn't panicking or nothin'…. which maybe I should've, but I didn't feel like I had to. I felt safe.

There was this big-ass pillar in the middle going waaay up to the ceiling. It had a bunch of runes and symbols carved into it, there was a staircase that twisted around like a nail. People were walking up and down, carrying baskets of coral, food, all kinds of stuff. I kinda watched that for awhile, before I looked up and saw the ceiling.
Looked kinda like those reflections you get from water at first, y'know? Little white lines and shapes bobbing around. But after I looked for a minute, I saw it change. There were faces, people. There were warriors fighting off sharks and crabs, and there were guys dressed like emperors looking powerful. I sat down and watched that for a minute, and that was when you yanked me out.

In addition, subjects report that SCP-496 is positioned at the center of a pantheon containing twelve statues, with each statue being composed of a different material. Other individuals are frequently seen within the city by subjects, performing rituals or leaving offerings to specific statues. It is currently theorized that they held a moral, religious, or cultural significance.

SCP-496 was discovered by field agents investigating reports of unusual ruins found on the Caicos Islands. During excavations, SCP-496 was uncovered as part of the ongoing archaeological survey. No other unusual ruins or remains have been discovered in this area See Addendum 496-6. SCP-496 has been contained as of 08/19/1976, and classified as Safe.

Addendum 496-2 D-9087 was exposed to SCP-496 on 11/14/1999.

I was sitting by the statues, all 12 of 'em. There were people all around me praising them, or leaving food, or polishing the base. But then there was a big crack, like someone busted a rock on a skull. We all looked up, and there was this… crack in the ceiling. The reflection patterns moved away from it… and it started getting bigger.

People kneeled by the statues, pleaded for their lives. But then water started coming in, and they ran off. It hit the statues first, knocking 'em all over and pushing people away with a big wall of water. I was underwater at this point, and I saw all the statues blown away. 'cept one. It had one guy hanging onto the base, and it looked at him. The guy let go.

After that I couldn't see much of anything. I heard stuff smashing and falling in, but nothing else around me. Then I heard a big splash, and it send a big force of water rushing at me. That was when I woke up.

Addendum 496-6 Additional investigation of the area SCP-496 was discovered in has led to the discovery of a large pillar buried beneath the beaches. Further study is ongoing.

Addendum 496-9 Investigation into the drowning death of Agent █████ has determined it to have been accidental.