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Matter Transference Gloves

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-494 does not require any special containment procedures, other than being kept under lock and key in Storage Bunker ██ at Site ██. Level 2 clearance and written permission from a Level 4 or higher researcher is required for testing procedures regarding SCP-494.


SCP-494 appears to be a regular pair of black leather fingerless gloves. SCP-494’s anomalous features can only be observed while worn by a human subject. Upon being fitted onto the hand, SCP-494 will change size to match that of its wearer. Test subjects have described the feeling of wearing the gloves as if they were “not wearing gloves at all”.

SCP-494’s true anomalous nature is revealed in that when an object is held in each gloved hand, after exactly five minutes, the two objects’ makeup will be suddenly traded. The range of materials that can be transferred as yet seems to have no limit, and has been observed to create working machines and even living organisms from the materials provided. (see Test Log for details)

SCP-494 seems to have some limitations, such as the fact that only objects that can be supported by the wearers strength (artificial assistance, such as leaning one’s hands against a wall or table, seems to negate the effects of the gloves) will be transformed, and for reasons unknown, the gloves will refuse to work when worn by a subject over the age of sixty (60).

Testing Log

Test Format:
Right hand:
Left hand:
Right hand:
Left hand:

Test 494-1
Right hand: One (1) 0.24 carat diamond
Left hand: One (1) Regular golf ball

Right hand: One (1) diamond-shaped piece of plastic
Left hand: One (1) rounded crystal formation, two (2) inches in diameter. Diffractometry confirms monocrystalline diamond.

Test 494-2
Right hand: One (1) Nokia flip-cover cellular phone
Left hand: Two (2) stainless steel razor blades

Right hand: One (1) hinged stainless steel box with acid-etched surfaces denoting a cellphone keypad.
Left hand: Two (2) millimeter-thick machines with small screens and microscopic computer circuitry. Found to be fully functional as cellular phones.

Test 494-3
Right hand: One (1) white laboratory rat
Left hand: One (1) 1974 penny

Right hand: One (1) copper statuette of a rat
Left hand: One (1) small, disk-shaped organism with white fur. Though lacking sensory organs or any observed lungs or digestive system, organism is entirely viable and responds to external stimuli such as light and pain.

Test 494-4
Right hand: One (1) vial containing live streptococcus bacteria
Left hand: One (1) white laboratory rat

Right hand: One (1) vial containing animal cells with DNA of rat
Left hand: No observable difference aside from a slight change in the hue of the animal's fur. However, after further observation, the resulting animal proved to be capable of asexual reproduction; it proceeded to give birth to seventy-seven young within an hour, without any indication of stopping. Resulting offspring grew rapidly, maturing within a half-hour. Mature offspring in turn produced their own offspring. All animals were subsequently incinerated. Estimations of rate of reproduction suggest over one hundred thousand (100,000) young would have been produced within a day.
Note: All tests involving the effects of SCP-494 on live microorganisms are now strictly prohibited.

Addendum 494-1: Suggestions for testing the effects of SCP-494 on SCP-500 in conjunction with other materials are currently pending approval.