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Pope Soap

Connected to: SCP-089SCP-217SCP-1523SCP-1564SCP-1844SCP-1845SCP-2050SCP-2217SCP-2814SCP-3615

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-475 is to be kept in a watertight containment locker in Storage Unit 45-C of Site-36. All testing with para-religions requires permission from the Site Director.

To prevent religious Groups of Interest from learning of the object's existence, knowledge of SCP-475 is to follow Level III Infosecurity Protocol.


SCP-475 is an ornate sculpture of soap depicting an unidentified Pope. Inscribed at the base of the statue is the phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Analysis reveals the object to be composed of long-chain saturated fatty acids (CH3-(CH2)n), totaling 89.7% of its mass, with the remaining 10.3% corresponding to ███████-████, attached as the hydrophilic head. It is believed that the ███████-████ gives SCP-475 its unique properties, but all attempts to recreate this compound have failed.

When SCP-475 comes into contact with water and is applied to the skin, all accumulated foreign contaminants are removed. Tested materials include dead skin cells, perspiration, bodily parasites, mold, dirt, and detergents. Post test examinations have shown that 100% of foreign contaminants are removed, a statistical anomaly. This process only occurs when used on human skin. All attempts so-far to use SCP-475 on non-humans have failed to produce its anomalous effects. Testing on anomalous animals, such as SCP-1845 or SCP-2050, is pending approval. Unlike typical soaps, the usage of SCP-475 does not damage it.

SCP-475's secondary anomalous effects manifest when it is used on a professing member of an organized religion. Subjects universally report greater mental clarity, show greater adherence to church doctrine, and rate at least 15 centiakiva more on the Brandon-Spencer Piety Scale. These effects increase in intensity the longer the subject uses the object, culminating in local reality changes, signified by all bodies of water within a 5 meter radius turning into an equivalent liquid that is considered "holy" in the subject's religion. Examples of these changes can be found in Test-Log-475

Addendum: SCP-475 came under Foundation containment when insubordinate elements of the Horizon Initiative relinquished control of it. These elements cited a desire to maintain unity and prevent infighting as to why the object could not be kept. SCP-475 was allegedly recovered from the residence of the Catholic Cardinal, ████ ███████, who was found deceased from injuries "consistent with upside-down crucifixion."1 The following materials were also provided:

Addendum: SCP-475 approved for extensive testing with para-religions.