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Special Containment Procedures

Samples of SCP-424 have been relegated to the laboratory of Dr. █████████, to be administered to by researchers Dr. Tidbury and Dr. Herman. The central contingent mass is allowed free run of personnel levels 2, 3, and 4 of Sector-28, as it has demonstrated an acceptable level of personableness, as well as basic understanding of the concepts of privacy and personal space. There are, however, isolated incidents in which these courtesies have not been observed by SCP-424, though not in such frequency as to merit additional containment procedures. Complaints are available to Level 3 Human Resource staff in Personnel Archive C-424.

Supplemental: Personnel are advised not to take violent action against SCP-424, due to the nature of its behaviour. If it becomes an annoyance, simply ask it to leave. If it refuses, file a complaint and report to one of my assistants. Thank you.

-Dr. █████████


SCP-424 was discovered accidentally in early 2004 at a gas station in Campbell River, British Columbia. Documentation of discovery and capture can be found in Log #424-B, Files 424-1~10. SCP-424, at rest, appears to be a smooth, gelatinous mass, with equal black-and-white colouration. No patterns are observed to form on its surface while in this resting position, though the shades constantly shift position. In actuality, SCP-424 is a vast collection of microscopic organisms. Whether they function as a group, or by a single (or multiple) consciousness(es) is unknown, as samples taken display behaviour similar, yet independent, to that of the main mass. Origin of pigmentation is currently under investigation, but not prioritised under main research staff.

The central mass has a variable volume, and remains at a constant 34 degrees Celsius, regardless of the surrounding temperature. As far as can be determined, SCP-424 lacks detectable sensory features, though is capable of observing its environment by tactile, aural, visual, and olfactory means by methods still being tested and studied.

SCP-424 has the ability to mold and harden its malleable composition into the shape of any object or organism that it has previously “seen,” though is not capable of reproducing the colour or function (other than movement) of that form. It can also rearrange its pigmentation to suit the surface patterns of any new form taken, despite not being able to reproduce colour. For tests and examples, those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see Log #424-F, Files 424-1~10.

Addendum: Escaped sample of SCP-424 has proven that the organisms can survive digestion. Staff mugs are to be labeled and painted brightly to avoid future incidents.

Addendum: Neither the central mass nor any samples taken require solid or liquid nourishment. Working theory is that it/they thrive through constant motion, hence the constant shift of surface patterning when at rest.

Addendum: While SCP-424 is more than willing to take suggestions for shapes to imitate, it should be noted that it is not human, and is not likely to respond as such to physical gestures of intimacy. This is to be considered a general warning to resident staff, and disregard of such is grounds for transfer to facility [INSUFFICIENT SECURITY CLEARANCE] for immediate reassignment.

Addendum: Should SCP-424 become still or hidden enough to be unable to locate, it may be called by number, or enticed into view by offering it something to mimic (moreso if it is something that hasn’t been mimicked yet). Other methods are not generally recommended.

Addendum: Movies of the “horror” genre have been removed from recreational equipment storage cabinets, in regard to SCP-424’s reaction to the August, 2005 screening of “Aliens.” All ductwork is to be examined for any possible accidental fragments of SCP-424’s main mass.

Relevant Files: ARCHIVE C-424: FILES 1~10