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Human Jigsaw

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-418 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell with category 3 surveillance. SCP-418 is to undergo weekly examinations to ensure that the removal of SCP-418-1 is not causing harm and that all portions of SCP-418 are still in place. No object with an edge capable of puncturing normal human skin, including materials such as paper, or that is capable of being converted into such an object is permitted in SCP-418's containment cell. As reading is not available to SCP-418 he is provided with a library of contemporary and classical television and films stored as media files on a modified and padded laptop computer. This privilege is to be suspended if at any time SCP-418 appears to be attempting to damage said laptop to gain access to a sharp edge.

SCP-418-1 is to be kept at internal body temperature in a medical containment unit in a secure location. Should SCP-418 become a security or containment threat SCP-418-1 is to be incinerated. SCP-418 is not to be informed of its location.


SCP-418 is a human male of Native American descent in his late 30s (exact age unknown) with black hair and brown eyes. His physical fitness and intelligence are above average, but not to an extraordinary degree. He possesses the capacity of autonomous anatomic separation, a trait he claims to be hereditary. SCP-418 has extensive experience as an industrial saboteur and related fields.

SCP-418 was apprehended while infiltrating Site ██ under the employ of an individual currently believed to be affiliated with Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.

When SCP-418 is injured in such a way that his skin is broken the injury will near instantaneously grow in length until it severs a portion of SCP-418's body. Such injuries are uniform and clean with no variation or resistance due to tissue type. Despite the severe appearance of these injuries the portions of SCP-418's body will continue to function as if they were still connected to each other, even if an organ is severed. For example blood in a blood vessel that has been severed will travel from one segment to the other instantly as though the gap was not there. The same is true of materials taken in by the body, SCP-418 can drink and eat while his head is severed and can hear through a severed ear.

If the severed portion is placed back in contact with the location from which it was severed it reconnects with no sign of injury.

SCP-418 has trained extensively with his abilities and is able to consciously control many muscle functions not normally under human control, such as peristalsis, allowing him to use his severed portions and removed organs for a variety of purposes.

SCP-418-1 is SCP-418's heart which was removed as a control on SCP-418's behaviour.

Interview SCP-418/3

SCP-418 Testing Log
Test sequence SCP-418-7
Test sequence conducted between 1900 and 1███ hours on ██/██/19██ Dr. ███████.

Stimulus 1: A standard Foundation combat knife applied to the wrist.
Result: SCP-418's hand severed. SCP-418 reports mild discomfort and that this is a normal reaction to his abilities. Approx .5cc blood lost due to cut, no lasting injury of any kind.
Comments: A baseline for SCP-418's abilities. The potential for the use of SCP-418 nerve tissue for data transmission to be investigated.

Stimulus 2: Zinc plated masonry nail (60g) applied with a standard maintenance hammer to SCP-418's hand.
Result: Nail driven into SCP-418's hand. SCP-418's hand is divided in half laterally across the point of injury. SCP-418 reported a brief moment of extreme pain at point of injury.
Comments: No lasting injury. SCP-418 requested a break in testing, request denied.

Stimulus 3: A standard maintenance hammer applied to SCP-418's left forearm.
Result: SCP-418's arm broken. SCP-418 reports extreme pain.
Comments: SCP-418 healed within human norms. SCP-418's arm then severed due to the action of sharp bone fragments on his own abilites. SCP-418's arm kept separated for the duration of the healing process to observe the process and to prevent it being severed by the unhealed edges of the bones. SCP-418's morale and co-operation have been significantly damaged since this test.

Stimulus 4: A standard Bunsen Burner applied to the back of SCP-418's left hand.
Result: SCP-418's hand burned. SCP-418 reports significant pain and assaults Dr. ███████.
Comments: Injury heals within human norms.

Stimulus 5: 27 bullets fired from a standard Foundation assault rifle, 19 of which hit.
Result: SCP-418 reports extreme pain from each of the successful hits. Each severs SCP-418 as with Stimulus 2. SCP-418 goes into shock and is reassembled, given medical treatment and returned to his containment cell.
Comments: No lasting injury. SCP-418-1 recovered at this point.

Note: Dr. ███████ was not permanently injured. Dr. ███████ has been mentored on proper test planning with regards to SCP morale and co-operation. While the data is valuable, such intensive testing should be reserved for overtly hostile SCPs.