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Forever A-Loan

Connected to: SCP-1015

SCP-375, memetic hazard redacted.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-375 is to be kept under full surveillance by a security detail of no less than five personnel disguised as renovators and contractors. Any subjects attempting to enter SCP-375 are to be turned away, with the cover story of indefinite renovations. All instances of SCP-375-1 are to be kept incapacitated within the bank. In the event of an attempted robbery, personnel are to follow procedure to deposit the robbers as outlined in Protocol Document 375-I2-Linnel.


SCP-375 designates a bank, inside a small strip mall in █████████, Wyoming. The primary elements of SCP-375 are a large, steel-titanium bank vault equipped with a multi-stage locking mechanism, signage advertising SCP-375, and any reproductions of SCP-375-related materials.

Subjects who perceive SCP-375 as a place to store valued items are subject to a cognitohazardous effect. When affected by SCP-375, a subject may enter it and make a transaction, depositing items that they consider significantly financial or sentimentally valuable into SCP-375.

SCP-375-1 designates eleven humanoid entities, who claim to be employees of SCP-375. When a subject enters SCP-375, these entities will provide information about SCP-375 and the banking options it provides. As discussion continues, the subjects will begin discussing subjects they would normally be secretive of, referring to them in the context of banking. If the subject opens an account with SCP-375, instances of SCP-375-1 will coach the subject on ways to properly deposit items they consider to be sentimental into SCP-375, and how to maximize gains by depositing them in certain ways.

After an item is deposited within SCP-375, the subject will be given an item of equivalent value to them. Usually, this will take the form of cash or credit. Other valuable objects have been observed on rare occasions, consisting of objects known and not known to have been placed in SCP-375. Objects have included:

  • Deed to property from around the mall SCP-375 is located in.
  • Brass piping
  • A winning lottery ticket, circa 1997.
  • A bucket containing a gallon of crude oil.
  • The remains of an adult male subject, dressed in clothing circa 1935.
  • Approx. 5,000 coins believed to have been created by SCP-1015
  • Wedding bands
  • Various film and Polaroid photographs. No digital photographs have been taken from SCP-375

Subjects may bring knowledge of SCP-375's existence to other family members and friends, who will become subject to SCP-375's effect. As more subjects open accounts with SCP-375, the SCP-375-1 instances may encourage them to deposit other family members and friends into SCP-375, and offer investment opportunities with SCP-375 based on these deposits. When it was recovered, it is estimated that over 30% of █████████ residents had been placed within SCP-375.

Once a subject has been exchanged, they will be stored in SCP-375's vault. If they are withdrawn, they may have portions of their body replaced by pieces belonging to other subjects. This is referred to by the SCP-375 employees as compound interest. Occasionally, the subject will be replaced by a completely different one of similar appearance, usually when the subject has waited more than 4 years to withdraw them.

SCP-375 came to the Foundations attention after local economic fluctuations caused by SCP-375's effect were noted by personnel embedded in the United States Treasury. Agents were dispatched to investigate, and confirmed SCP-375's anomalous properties. Interviews with subjects within the town revealed that SCP-375 was the town's most prominent local bank, used almost universally. Documentation within the mall's financial records show no records of rent payment or ownership of the specified lot. Examination of the surrounding structure suggests that the mall had been built around SCP-375 itself.

As of █-██-███ SCP-375 has been classified as Euclid.

Incident 375-A: On █-██-███, a group of five armed men attempted a robbery of SCP-375's containment area. Containment personnel responded with complacence to the wishes of the aggressors, and led the group to the vault. SCP-375 produced one human child. The group expressed panic, and fled the scene with the child. Analysis of the video footage shows that the child did not resemble any known to have entered SCP-375 prior to initial containment, and appeared to be wearing garb worn prior to the construction of the city SCP-375 is located in. Additional research into SCP-375's history is pending.