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Writer's Block

Special Containment Procedures

A number of informants have been introduced into various literary communities and popular meeting places for such groups. Foundation operatives are also to take part in conventions and other events connected with literature and the science-fiction genre. These agents are to be briefed on all known appearances of SCP-3616 and are to report all suspected individuals who may be or have come into contact with SCP-3616. Web analysis bot Gamma-13 is currently assigned to the task of monitoring major literary and fan-fiction websites for the appearances of SCP-3616. All suspected instances of the anomaly are to be immediately removed from these websites.

Any victims of SCP-3616 are to be separated from the anomaly. If SCP-3616 obtains the information needed for its anomalous effects to take place, the victims are to be moved into Foundation custody and monitored. When SCP-3616-1 event begins, these individuals are to be administered anesthetics in sufficient quantities. By the order of the Ethics Committee, if the effects of the anomaly become or are predicted to be too severe, the victims are to be humanely terminated. Following the Incident 3616-5 any contact with SCP-3616 is prohibited.


SCP-3616 is an anomalous individual or a group of individuals manifesting regularly in places with developed literary communities. It manifests as a person of various gender and appearance, or as an online persona. In every case they introduce themselves as an aspiring writer and participate in various literary communities and events. SCP-3616 is untraceable both as a physical person and an online entity. In case of its physical form it disappears immediately after the line of sight is broken and any tracking equipment planted on it is rendered inoperable. The online manifestations use non-existent IP addresses.

Physical SCP-3616 instances are always characterized by a number of traits, notably mostly black clothing and unnaturally elastic fingers. The web instances are characterized by the account name composed of the letters e, i, m, r, s and y. SCP-3616's personality is not consistent between manifestations but some of its traits are universal for all sightings, including reluctance to reveal personal information and interest in books belonging to the horror genre, in particular "body horror".

As part of its introduction to a community SCP-3616 will present a number of literary works of high quality. The instance will then begin searching for its victim, most commonly an experienced and established writer. SCP-3616 will attempt to form a relationship with this individual, usually based on the mutual critique and feedback of works. Duration of the contact depends on the time it takes for SCP-3616 to obtain information needed for its anomalous effects to take place. If the contact is broken before this happens the entity will not reappear. As the relationship with SCP-3616 persists, the victims will report increasing feeling of unease. In 73% of documented cases the affected individuals suffered from sleep deprivation. The victims rarely associate these effects with SCP-3616.

SCP-3616 will seek to manipulate its victim into sharing or writing a literary piece involving severe body damage. It is also required for the user to express satisfaction of the effect that this part of the story has on readers. When this occurs SCP-3616 will cease engaging in discussion with the victim and will not respond to any previous means of contact.

After approximately 5 days from the last contact SCP-3616-1 event will take place. SCP-3616-1 events always take place between 11:00 PM and 03:00 AM and only when the victim is located in their bed. Any electronic devices with a display will activate and show short messages. If no displays are present, the messages will appear on the walls or ceilings of the room, written in black liquid of unknown origin. As this happens, the victims become paralyzed and will begin to suffer hallucinations. Due to the effects of SCP-3616-1 on mental health the nature of these hallucinations is difficult to determine, but it is presumed they involve SCP-3616 and the scene described during the last conversation. After approximately 10 minutes since the beginning of SCP-3616-1 event, the victim will begin to anomalously suffer body damage that they described during the last contact. The effects will cease within one hour.

After SCP-3616-1 event the victims usually suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe mental problems. This effect is presumed to not be anomalous. 96% of these individuals will also attempt to self-terminate shortly after the event, while also destroying their works. After the victim's funeral a printed version of the individual's story mentioned in the last contact will appear on the grave. The cover will depict the victim during SCP-3616-1 event and the book will include a dedication to SCP-3616. Publisher information will point to nonexistent company named Reformed Writers Association.

Addendum 3616-B: Incident-3616-5 report