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Will the Real Harold Holt Please Stand Up?

Connected to: SCP-006SCP-742SCP-2776SCP-3140SCP-3872SCP-3932

SCP-3477-0, as Prime Minister of Australia

Special Containment Procedures

Each instance of SCP-3477 is to be contained in a separate Standard Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell modified appropriately for each instance located at Site-72. Instances may be informed of the existence of other instances, but are not to be allowed contact with each other.

Each specific instance of SCP-3477 has specialized containment procedures relating to its specific properties. For full containment details, consult Document-3477 #1.


SCP-3477 is a collection of anomalous humanoids, each claiming to be the 17th Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt (henceforth referred to as SCP-3477-0). SCP-3477-0 disappeared while swimming in December 1967 and is officially presumed dead. There are currently 34 instances of SCP-3477 contained by the Foundation.

While each instance of SCP-3477 displays unique anomalous properties, all physically resemble SCP-3477-0 and are genetically identical. All individuals claim to be the SCP-3477-0 and, through varying methods, to have gained some form of immortality before their alleged death, which they faked in order to avoid public suspicion. No instance of SCP-3477 has been aware of the existence of other SCP-3477 instances unless introduced to each other by Foundation operatives.

All accounts given by SCP-3477 of their lives are identical up until the point at which they acquired their anomalous properties. All individuals professed being interested in acquiring immortality at any price before their death, and as such attempted to achieve this. At this point, the first divergence occurs. Each instance of SCP-3477 utilizes a different method of acquiring immortality.1

The majority of SCP-3477 instances can have their backgrounds corraborated by other individuals.2 Despite contradicting each other on numerous instances, the stories given by each instance of SCP-3477 appear to be true and accurate.

SCP-3477 instances have incredibly similar psychological profiles. During double-blind clinical analysis of SCP-3477's mental states, psychologists have reported almost no difference between individual members of SCP-3477 unrelated to their anomalous qualities. SCP-3477 however does not represent a hivemind, as instances do not share new information between each other.3

It is currently unknown if SCP-3477-0 is a current instance of SCP-3477 contained by the Foundation. There is no way to determine if an instance is SCP-3477-0, if any instance of SCP-3477 is genuinely SCP-3477-0, or if there is only one instance that is SCP-3477-0.