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Connected to: SCP-008


Special Containment Procedures

When not being used, SCP-331 is to be kept within a typical electronic 7-digit metal safe in Dr. ███████’s office. The code is to be changed on a monthly basis by Dr. ███████. Personnel who wish to examine SCP-331 must ask Dr. ███████ for authorization beforehand.

As of ██/██/██ SCP-331 is worn by SCP-331-1.


SCP-331 is a red plastic cat collar, approximately 23 cm in length. Metal studs surround the collar in intervals of 1 cm; testing has confirmed the metal to be nickel. The bell consists of stainless steel electroplated with 24-carat gold. Ringing the bell has no distinguishable effect, adverse or otherwise. The word “Tumbles” has been painted on the back of the collar in yellow paint; testing has confirmed that there is nothing unusual about the paint.

SCP-331 exhibits no abnormal tendencies when worn by a living cat. When SCP-331 is fastened round the neck of a deceased cat (hereafter SCP-331-1), SCP-331-1 is resurrected with no initial adverse effects. The collar does not halt the decomposition process, however; fur and skin still rot at a regular pace. Organs are unaffected by the decomposition process; testing has yet to determine the exact cause for this. SCP-331-1 shows no signs of distress during the decomposition process. SCP-331-1 can be killed by conventional methods, whereupon it remains deceased. The separation of SCP-331 and SCP-331-1 [DATA EXPUNGED] unless SCP-331-1 is deceased. It should be noted that SCP-331-1 always answers to ‘Tumbles’ and has an amiable personality, despite what it was called or how it behaved pre-mortem.

SCP-331 was discovered when reports reached Agent █████ of a ‘zombie cat’ witnessed around ███████ Park in █████████, ██. Agent █████ immediately alerted the Foundation of a possible outbreak of SCP-008; MTF-██ was dispatched and neutralized SCP-331-1, whereupon it was transported to Site ██ after no trace of SCP-008 was detected. Upon arrival research was conducted on SCP-331 that confirmed its properties.