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Kali Yuga

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2811 is to be kept in a storage locker in Site-11. SCP-2811 is to be taken out of containment at least once every twenty minutes to prevent further modifications to text body.


SCP-2811 is a large paperback book titled "██████, blue". Preliminary investigations revealed no author or publishing house linked to that name. The item numbers 564 pages of text, excluding the title page and a final blank page. The report of SCP-2811's acquisition is available for perusal in Document 2811-0X.

Upon discovery the original narrative of SCP-2811 was written in an amalgam of different literary elements, including those of romantic, classical, and post-modern styles. The story follows a despondent writer's obsession with a woman he meets after his relocation to Paris. When the individual assigned to reading SCP-2811 resumed reading the following day, researchers found the text had shrunk to accommodate new passages of varied length. Subsequently, personnel determined the precise sequence of effect as being thirty minutes of inactivity - defined as the object being placed on a stable surface and not coming into physical contact with a biological agent at any point - to produce approximately 500 words of text.

These additions have been of divergent nature. Passages expound on the minutia of minor character's lives, lecture on the history of geographic regions as well as private locations such as a character's kitchen, and have known to describe concepts and abstractions in an unusual style. Regardless of content, the additions are tangential to the main narrative in nature. The anomalous effect can be likened to that of a Koch Snowflake, a figure that depicts an infinite set of points existing in a finite, bounded figure.

Since procurement the size of SCP-2811's text has been reduced to microscopic scale. There is no theoretical limit to the amount of text that SCP-2811 may contain. To repeat, the original narrative remains coherent throughout these digressions but its conclusion remains physically elusive as passages have been observed to appear in all areas of the text body, with the font shrinking in proportion to passage length. Research is ongoing.

Text locator Notable Developments
p. 100 -131 Narrator becomes infatuated with a woman named ██████ he meets in a Parisian cafe. The narrator believes the woman is a figure of divine retribution. He showers her with adoration and plans to compose a book of writings in her name.
145 - 180 Digression into the genealogy of a man the narrator notices wearing unusually dark attire in his first morning in Paris, whom he refers to as wearing "night alone in all that glowing street". It is also revealed the man has a daughter, subsequently which the narrator's voice is lost in the text as it shifts to the child's experience. Approx. 30 - 50 pages follow detailing the eight-hour duration of this daughter's afternoon with her mother spent being taught weaving.
254 - 265 An 18-year history of an alleyway in Dublin in the ██████ area of the city. The text describes the thoughts and emotions of all individuals who squatted or passed through the location.
254 - 287 A passage in poetic verse, apparently on the subject of war. SCP-2811 is capable of apparent intertextuality, as pairs of lines were revealed to have been taken from existing poems written during World War I & II: "I know that I shall meet my fate/Somewhere among the clouds above/It seemed that out of battle I escaped/Down some profound long tunnel, long since scooped/The darkness crumbles away,/It is the same old druid Time as ever,/We came upon him sitting in the sun, Blinded by war, and left."
309 - 310 The names of 5 women living in the modern Greek city of ████████ who have lost a child. Follow-up investigations discovered the women currently living within a 5-mile radius of each other in aforementioned location.
311 - 367 Original-Narrative (designated ON) text describing the writer's distress at having his advances rejected by ██████. At one point when he is in his apartment overlooking the wharf, the narrator happens to see ██████ there holding the hands of an unidentified man. In a fit of apparent psychosis, the writer transcribes a 6,000 word series of writings in which he believes ██████ is ████, a █████ Goddess and cosmic force of destruction. Fragment: "bathe in milk the sobbing scars of earth and hear the trees of summer sheen-singing again, O ██████, the red-song out of the sky, bludgeoner of the face of Creation, O the clouds and sweet fire, the clouds and sweet fire"
401 - 445 A digression into the uncensored stream-of-consciousness of three men camping by a Lake ████, ME. Operatives were able to confirm the outing had occurred recently as the text noted.
523 - 534 Final ON text fragment locate-able. ██████ described as cradling the body of a suicide by an unknown river, the first recorded omission of a place-name in the text. Efforts into triangulating the remainder of the narrative have proved unsatisfactory.
540 - 545 Current final pages of text follow the ongoing stream-of-consciousness of a helicopter pilot in Hong Kong who suffers from a fear of his wife's infidelity.