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Black Volga

Connected to: SCP-2613

Water and fire damaged fragment of a photograph confirmed to be SCP-265, ca. 1988.

Special Containment Procedures

Foundation Site-54, -109, and -110 have been provided SCP-265 specific sub-taskforces in order to study SCP-265. Each houses a small fleet of tactical aircraft as well as Agents trained in standard Foundation information-gathering and interrogation techniques. Civilian cover stories and disguises are preferred - see Document 265-B for further protocol.

Local news outlets are to be scanned for signs of SCP-265 and teams are to investigate possible encounters. Specific protocol is to be arranged on an incident by incident basis. Agents are not to instigate violence towards SCP-265 until a better understanding of its nature can be ascertained.


SCP-265 appears to be a Series 1 GAZ M21 Volga automobile, devoid of any license plating, logos, or other identifying marks. It is painted black with white rimmed wheels, and appears to be in pristine condition, regardless of environment. Some accounts note that it has white curtains in all but the front windows. Note that the production of the GAZ M21 ceased in 1970, with Series 1 being produced between 1958-1959.

SCP-265 is absent of human occupants and appears to travel under its own power. Other details vary between encounters; it’s common for individuals to report that SCP-265 is silent while traveling, while others hear its engine idling for an extended period of time before noticing it nearby. Similarly, some encounters result in the vehicle leaving physical evidence such as tread marks on roads, where other encounters leave no physical traces.

SCP-265 nearly always appears in scenarios which commonly elicit dread and paranoia in subjects, such as following lone travelers and idling in home driveways for a short while before driving off.

SCP-265 has been encountered throughout rural Poland, far from urban centres but occasionally passing through small rural communities with populations under 500. It has been encountered at various times late in the day, with confirmed encounters having occurred at any time between 1829 hours and 0813 hours.1 SCP-265 normally moves at about 65 km/h2, but has been recorded exceeding 400 km/h3 in isolated instances.

Addendum - Foundation Capture Attempt At 23:11 on ██/██/20██ a vehicle matching SCP-265’s description was seen idling outside a Foundation-controlled weather station at [REDACTED]. After visually confirming the lack of human occupancy, a pursuit team including one helicopter and four high-performance offroad vehicles were dispatched from nearby Site-109 to follow and attempt to capture the vehicle. SCP-265 quickly accelerated to an excess of 200 km/h and showed an unexplainable degree of maneuverability. The helicopter continued pursuit until SCP-265 vanished into a densely forested area. The following search of the area found no trace of any vehicle, but incomplete human remains were discovered 4 kilometres away in a waterlogged area.

Addendum - Similar Phenomenon Given multiple concurrences of SCP-265 and human remains, and the similarity between their respected vehicles, its possible that SCP-265 may be a variant or distantly related to phenomena observed in SCP-2613. Investigation into both anomalies is ongoing.

Additional Documentation: Below is attached a translated series of excerpts collected from civilian sources, including audio interviews, law enforcement, news outlets, and personal diaries. This list is incomplete - please see Dr Seidelman for access to full records.