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Professor William Woodsworth’s Collection of Curiosities

An abandoned exhibit located inside SCP-257.

Special Containment Procedures

Owing to the immobile nature of SCP-257, Site 93 has been erected outside of SCP-257. Access to the interior of SCP-257 is restricted to level two containment and recovery personnel and above. Motion-detecting video cameras have been set up throughout SCP-257's exhibits to monitor any new biological specimens that appear.

All biological specimens extracted from SCP-257 are to be examined, logged, and removed from SCP-257. Biological specimens are to be placed in one of Site 93’s temporary holding pens for study and threat classification. If researchers identify specimens they deem worthy of further research, personnel are to fill out Form 257-12 and follow appropriate research protocols. Specimens are otherwise sent to Bio-Site 29 for storage and long-term care.


SCP-257 is an abandoned zoological garden and park located in ████████, United Kingdom. The zoo itself, described as a "Collection of Curiosities" is named for a William Woodsworth, billed as “the greatest explorer and naturalist this side of Reality 12/3.14.” According to promotional materials found within SCP-257, the zoo was founded in 1899 to “educate the gentlemen and ladies of England about Nature, and the many strange Beasts encountered by Explorers on their Travels.” No permits, building licences, or planning permissions have been found that correspond to the location or appearance of SCP-257.

Several signs and notices indicate that the zoo has been temporarily closed for maintenance, but the dilapidated appearance of the park and outdated equipment suggests that the park has been abandoned for at least fifty (50) years.

At irregular intervals, animals will appear within the zoo’s confines through an unknown manner. These animals appear in the various enclosures at random intervals. Simultaneously, a hand-written manual appears at the entrance of the zoo inside the ticket booth. These guides detail the proper care and feeding of each organism and sometimes reveal information about its origin and acquisition. The animals vary widely in appearance, behaviour, and classification; many do not appear to be related to any terrestrial animals. There does not appear to be any schedule as to when these animals are delivered. See Acquisition Log W-257 for a complete list of animals delivered in the past ██ years.

On ██/██/████, the following typewritten note was discovered pinned to the entrance of SCP-257 along with a guide.


To the esteemed gentlemen and zoological enthusiasts of the Special Containment Procedures Foundation:

As you are no doubt aware by now, I have decided to entrust you with my zoo and my collection of rare and exotic animals while I take a leave of absence. You are straight-thinking and responsible men of science and you will no doubt be able to look after them. After my travels through [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED], I've decided to visit the thirteenth moon of Enouious as the next stop on my safari. Naturalists and learned men such as yourselves will no doubt enjoy studying some of the splendid and vital creatures that I’ve discovered here. The viewing public will appreciate the new additions to my collection- they’re like nothing I’ve ever seen! I cannot write much longer; my indigene guides and I will be up early tomorrow to check the traps.

Keep up the good work!

- Regards, Professor William Woodsworth