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Good Home Cooking

Connected to: SCP-682SCP-1770

SCP-241 in a test kitchen, after being opened by Subject D-████████

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-241 is to be kept at Site-19 using standard operating procedures for containing Safe-class book- and manuscript-type SCPs (see Document 241-05-3H), with the following additional conditions: SCP-241 must be kept open on a flat surface, with restraints across opposing pages of the open book to keep it from closing accidentally. Containment devices must be checked at least once a week for structural integrity. Any anomalies must be reported immediately to Site Command.

Access to SCP-241 is restricted. Any and all usage of SCP-241 must be logged. SCP-241 must be transported in an authorized bookstand such that it cannot accidentally be closed in transit.

In the event that SCP-241 is opened outside of a testing environment, the last person to have touched it must report to the nearest infirmary, and a D-class personnel must close and re-open SCP-241.


SCP-241 appears as a normal book, 33 cm x 23 cm x 3.5 cm, entitled Good Home Cooking. The cover of SCP-241 is a red and white checkerboard pattern, with the title in simple black letters on the front and spine. When open, SCP-241 contains 99 recipes, sorted into typical sections of a cookbook. Many of these recipes include a picture of the dish that is invariably appetizing, and a small percentage will call for rare or exotic ingredients.

Whenever SCP-241 is opened by a subject (known as the Target) different from the one who last opened it (i.e. the previous Target), the recipes contained in the book change. Preliminary investigations concluded that if the Target eats a dish prepared from one of the recipes in SCP-241, that person soon dies from apparent anaphylactic shock. Others who eat the same dish are not similarly affected. Testing has been authorized to determine the exact nature of SCP-241’s effects.

SCP-241 appears to be impervious to getting dirty and to at least minor damage. For example, sauces splashed onto its pages disappear almost immediately, and torn pages and nicks on the cover are repaired within seconds. Testing on the limits of SCP-241’s durability are not authorized without approval from [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Research on SCP-241 continues, including potential interaction with other SCP items. For more information on current experimentation, please see the Supplemental Testing Log.

Directive 241-S06, ██/██/20██

In light of recent test results with SCP-241, no further testing of SCP-241 on personnel without pre-existing food allergies is authorized without Level 4 Security Clearance. Testing may continue on personnel with pre-existing food allergies as long as documentation of said allergies has been filed with [DATA EXPUNGED]. –O5-██.

Directive 241-S09, ██/██/20██

Reclassification of SCP-241 to Euclid class is denied. Honestly, the cookbook? Leave it in its room and everything’s fine. It’s no one else’s fault if you don’t know what you’re allergic to and don't bother to find out beforehand. Unless you’re cooking for your significant other, then you’d better know. –O5-██.

Directive 241-S11, ██/██/20██

Cross-testing SCP-241 with other SCPs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Exposure to SCP-682 has already been considered and denied. –O5-██.

Addendum 1: Acquisition Summary

The Foundation became aware of SCP-241 in April 20██, while investigating reports of a “black widow” in ██████, ██, named ████████ █████████. Mrs. █████████ had been married four times, and all four of her husbands had died shortly after eating a meal at home. However, since authorities never found evidence of foul play, Mrs. █████████ was never charged with any crime. Subsequent interviews with Mrs. █████████ by Foundation personnel revealed the existence of SCP-241, at which time SCP-241 was seized by Foundation agents. Mrs. █████████ revealed that she had first realized there was something unusual with SCP-241 when [DATA EXPUNGED]. See document [DATA EXPUNGED] for transcripts of interviews with Mrs. █████████.

Addendum 2: Initial Testing Log

For information about subsequent and current experimentation, see the Supplemental Testing Log.

Addendum 3: Notes from Crosstesting

To determine the effects of SCP-241's recipes on subjects that either cannot eat or do not require sustenance, approval was given to crosstest SCP-241 on SCP-1770. Upon subject opening the book, the contents were identical to before it was closed previously. This confirms results of Test 241-23 in which SCP-241 does not respond to inorganic subjects.