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Spirit Bomb

Members of Security Force Theta-14 investigate a suspected SCP-2283 blast which destroyed a supply convoy headed to Site-47 in ██████████, Peru. All Foundation personnel in the vicinity of the blast are recorded as MIA.

Special Containment Procedures

Instances of SCP-2283 found in the field are to be disarmed by Class D resources possessing military or law enforcement equivalent certifications in Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Under no circumstances are Foundation personnel permitted to approach an instance of SCP-2283 presumed or suspected of possessing a live payload.

In the event appropriate Class D resources are unavailable to deactivate an instance of SCP-2283, the instance is to be remotely detonated from a safe distance using any appropriate explosive projectile.

Under no circumstances are Foundation personnel to use remotely controlled vehicles to dispose of instances of SCP-2283, although if no other situational alternative exists, the acting HMCL supervisors1 may authorize the use of Class D resources to perform this task. Personnel should refer to Incident Log 2283-12 for more information.

Deactivated instances of SCP-2283 are to be stored at least 50m underground in a facility designed to hold high explosive munitions with standard Foundation physical security and surveillance measures, in ordnance magazines built with aluminum non-sparking shelving. Currently, Ordnance Bunker 12 at Site-19 has been selected for this purpose.

Under no circumstances are personnel below security classification 2283-2 to be permitted entry to the selected storage site, with the exception of qualified Class D resources selected to perform mandatory biweekly inventory and degradation inspections.

Partial data on non-anomalous aspects of SCP-2283-A's molecular composition is to be added to the Threat Recognition Analytics Certified Realtime (TRACR)2 forensic database to aid Foundation anterior detection and containment efforts. Foundation police liaisons in all regions where instances of SCP-2283 have been deployed or are suspected to be deployed must be trained in the item's detection, and are to alert their regional command upon reasonable suspicion of such deployment.

If Foundation personnel become aware of the detonation of an instance of SCP-2283 in a civilian area, Foundation intelligence assets are to immediately enact Procedure False Flag, entailing the the return of falsified human remains to relatives of the victims, and blame for the incident to be attributed to the most convincing possible perpetrator.


Result of Incident 2283-29 in ██████████, █████. No human remains or injured persons were recovered from the site.


SCP-2283 is a collection of 287 individual munitions and explosive devices of varying design, yield, age and manufacture, including but not limited to hand grenades, improvised explosive devices, timed charges and field ordnance. Instances of SCP-2283 resemble traditional explosives in most respects, including non-anomalous mechanical and electronic components, wiring, and blasting caps.

However, the explosive component of each SCP-2283 instance is composed of SCP-2283-A, an unknown material superficially resembling RDX (PVV-5A), but with several unexplained physical properties3.

Every recorded instance of the detonation of an instance of SCP-2283 has resulted in damage to nearby inanimate objects as would otherwise be expected for a non-anomalous RDX device of an equivalent yield. However, persons within the blast radius of an SCP-2283 instance will not suffer the effects of said explosion, but will instead instantaneously vanish along with all possessions on their person4 from known space, and mirror the creation of SCP-2283-B, Class 4 Incorporeal Entities5 with unique characteristics.

Instances of SCP-2283-B are unable to perceive or interact with each other directly and do not appear to require sustenance or conditions required for homeostasis in non-anomalous humanoids. It is currently unknown how long instances of SCP-2283-B remain extant, though available evidence indicates no known maximum lifespan of the entities.

Through test detonations with Class D resources, it has been determined SCP-2283-B instances report subjective experiences consistent with continuity of consciousness between base and incorporeal states6. Foundation scientific personnel became aware of SCP-2283-B upon the interception of anomalous communications in the form of phone calls, text messages, and other electronic messages apparently composed by the entities. Personnel with security classification 2283-2 or higher should refer to logs 2283-1 through 2283-495.

Instances of SCP-2283 have been recovered in the course of Foundation security operations from a variety of groups of interest, as well as recovered from conflict zones and law enforcement agencies responding to bomb threats or reports of suspicious objects, in at least 65 different countries. Direct attacks on Foundation personnel and assets involving SCP-2283 is suspected in at least ███ incidents. Foundation intelligence has been unable to determine the source of SCP-22837.