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The Temple of Luna Primogenita

Connected to: SCP-756SCP-1483SCP-1812SCP-2995

Aerial view of the island of ████, Croatia. SCP-2248 and Site-369 have been censored from the photograph as per the Veil Protocol.

Special Containment Procedures

Due to its fixed location, Reliquary and Bio-Research Site-369 is to be established around SCP-2248. Site-369 is to be publicly recognised as a Croatian naval base.

Two surveillance cameras are to be mounted in SCP-2248's central chamber to monitor SCP-2248-A. Research personnel are not permitted to enter SCP-2248's central chamber; remote observation via surveillance camera is permitted. Direct visual contact with SCP-2248-A is to be conducted by D-class personnel. Personnel affected by SCP-2248-A are to be held at windowless E-class holding cells at Site-369 and undergo fortnightly medical examinations.


SCP-2248 is a shrine with an area of approximately 80 m2 located on the shore of the uninhabited island of ████, Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. Its architecture resembles that of the Ancient Roman templum. Radiocarbon dating of samples indicates that SCP-2248 was constructed circa 200 – 260 CE. Inscriptions in Latin and Koine Greek are found in SCP-2248, most of which reference an entity called "Luna Primogenita".

When initially discovered, the plant species Amaranthus blitum (purple amaranth) and Cupressus sempervirens (Mediterranean cypress) were found in SCP-2248. Despite SCP-2248 possessing suitable conditions for plant growth, seeds from at least 20 other species were found ungerminated.1 These seeds were determined to belong to species outside of the genus Amaranthus and Cupressus. Radiocarbon dating indicated that the oldest seeds present are dated to circa 200 – 260 CE.

This suggests that only plants of the genus Amaranthus and Cupressus are capable of growing inside SCP-2248, as verified through further experiments. Seeds from other species of plants are unable to germinate, while other plant species that have been replanted into SCP-2248 show no signs of growth and will gradually wither. Notably, plants under the genus Myrtus and Laurus and their seeds will undergo spontaneous combustion within 24 hours of being placed in SCP-2248.

SCP-2248-A is an approximately two-metre tall statue of the Roman deity Diana, constructed from marble with traces of silver. It is affixed onto an altar inside SCP-2248's central chamber. When an individual (hereon referred to as 'subjects') directly observes SCP-2248-A, their sensory perceptions of the Moon and Sun are altered.

Subjects are able to see under low light conditions when the Moon is visible in the night sky, and are susceptible to retinopathy through direct observation of the Moon. In addition, erythema is common among subjects who have prolonged exposure to moonlight.

In contrast, subjects experience visual impairment on nights with a new moon, during daytime or during a lunar eclipse. They are also capable of viewing the Sun directly without detriment, claiming that the Sun is perpetually in a solar eclipse. In addition, they do not suffer from erythema or other symptoms of sunburn despite prolonged exposure to sunlight.

SCP-2248 was initially discovered on ██/██/1967 by two Yugoslavian fishermen, who were exposed to SCP-2248-A. These individuals have since suffered sunburn and retinal damage due to prolonged exposure to moonlight. Foundation agents attached to the Yugoslavian government were alerted to the incident, and SCP-2248 was traced as the origin of the anomaly. The two fishermen were provisionally granted E-class status, pending a possible treatment to the cognitohazard.

Addendum 2248-1: Foundation archaeologists have reconstructed several statues of the Greco-Roman deity Apollo from broken fragments recovered from the central chamber of SCP-2248. The presence of hammers and other blunt tools seems to suggest deliberate attempts to damage said statues.

Text recovered from the temple consists primarily of hymns written in praise of Diana while denouncing Christianity, the cults of Apollo and Sol Invictus. Below are several examples of such text, translated into English.

From Latona is Diana borne first
And then followed by Apollo.
Likewise, the Sol Invictus of Aurelian is false
For Luna Primogenita conquers the sun.

Like the moon consumed by dawn,
We – her followers – will be devoured by the legions' sword.
But so long Luna Primogenita's sanctuary stands firm,
The moon and her followers shall always return.

Addendum 2248-2 Cross-test Log involving subjects affected by SCP-2248 and other "moons" and "Suns"

Object to be Observed Results
SCP-2995 SCP-2995 can be viewed directly without detriment, and appear to be a black opaque spherical object.
The Sun in SCP-756 No difference.
The Sun in Universe B-10208-Alpha-1483 No difference.
SCP-1812 Probabilities of retinopathy and/or heatstroke are significantly increased due to [REDACTED].