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The Rewind Man

Special Containment Procedures

Research is being conducted on SCP-202 at Bio-Research Area-12. Here, researchers are actively seeking to understand and cure the condition plaguing SCP-202. He is granted full amenities of Level-0 personnel quarters when not being examined. SCP-202 is under the assumption that he is in a hospital and is not to be made aware that his 'doctors' are in fact SCP researchers.


SCP-202 is an Asian-British male, 41 years of age, who performs all actions in reverse. He does not appear to age in reverse, but speaks, eats, walks, and performs all other actions opposite to what is considered normal. SCP-202 speaks in reverse English with a British accent. Recording his speech and playing it backwards at a 1:1 speed allows for normal communication. The subject asserts that he was a normal individual living in Stockport, England, until he woke up one morning four years ago and found that every action he attempted to do, he did in reverse. He pledges that no matter how hard he tries, he is unable to carry out normal patterns of motion. He also claims to be unable to explain how he is able to walk backwards through crowded halls without bumping into others or other inexplicable acts.

Watching SCP-202 is particularly frustrating to Foundation biologists and physicists. Rather than acting as a pump, the chambers of his heart act as vacuums, pulling his blood towards the heart in arteries and pushing it away in veins. SCP-202 actually exhales oxygen and processes carbon dioxide. Researchers are fervently seeking answers to how his respiratory system works and if, on the molecular level, the Krebs Cycle of metabolism could possibly run in reverse. His 'eating' habits confound researchers as well, as food comes up from his stomach and out his mouth, and undergoes a reverse chew. For example, when 'eating' a sandwich, SCP-202 somehow regurgitates a bolus of food that reverse chews into a portion of sandwich. Boluses are added from SCP-202 into a complete sandwich that defies laws of both physics and biology. The resulting sandwich is completely normal and edible according to research. SCP-202 claims that he isn't aware of what he's going to 'eat' until it starts coming. As for 'waste', when SCP-202 needs to [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE ADDENDUM].

SCP-202 does not think in reverse and cannot foresee the future, as some personnel believe. He is rather good at Rubik's Cubes and enjoys dismantling jig-saw puzzles.

Addendum: Direct Order from Commander [EXPUNGED] "We're not having any more discussion about what happens when two oh two goes to the bathroom! I think we can all paint a pretty picture of what goes on in there. The damn scientists can't explain where it comes from and neither can the plumbers, so let's just leave it at that! The poor man has enough problems, give him the courtesy of a little privacy. Until the quacks can come up for a reason to study it, I want all data on the topic expunged!"