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Carrion Host

Special Containment Procedures

Instances of SCP-194 are to be kept in an aviary on the grounds on Site-43. The area around this aviary will be fenced in with no less than fifty (50) meters of space between the aviary itself and any part of the fence. SCP-194 is to be fed daily on dead rodents; discarded feathers from SCP-194 can be collected at the time of feeding. Only personnel that do not have a history of introversion or isolation may be tasked with feeding SCP-194. Instances of SCP-194-1 are to be kept in a locked chamber underground in Site-43. This chamber will be furnished with straw and a ceiling light to simulate the sun. SCP-194-1 is to be fed a diet identical to that of SCP-194 with the addition of feathers from SCP-194 on request. At no time may SCP-194-1 come into contact with SCP-194 unless SCP-194-1 has fully transformed into SCP-194. Personnel are forbidden to interact with SCP-194-1 outside of interviews and other events scheduled with Dr. ████████████. Personnel who have had unauthorized interactions with SCP-194 or SCP-194-1 must undergo mandatory psychiatric evaluation.


SCP-194 are visually identical to Corvus corax, or the common raven. Their behavior is also identical to that of most ravens, save for how they display an abnormal degree of comfort in the presence of humans. SCP-194 will not flee from humans unless they are obviously threatened, and are known to perch on humans when it is convenient for them to do so. They also have a distinct diet from normal ravens, preferring to eat meat exclusively over grains and seeds.

SCP-194 gather in large numbers around introverted persons, usually people with antisocial tendencies and little or no history of violence. SCP-194 groups will follow said people around, flocking near their homes or places of work, and flying through whatever areas they are in while outside. Persons who are in prolonged contact with SCP-194 become SCP-194-1. No evidence has been found to suggest that SCP-194 have this effect on other animals.

SCP-194-1 quickly develop antisocial personality disorders and an isolationist mindset if they did not already have those attributes. SCP-194-1 tend to neglect work and relationships, preferring to spend most of their time outside in the presence of SCP-194. If SCP-194 begin to moult, SCP-194-1 will gather up the feathers to eat. Once SCP-194-1 develops a habit of eating feathers they will eat little or nothing else. They will begin to lose body weight at a far greater rate than would be possible even with voluntary starvation.

Approximately one (1) week after the feather-eating stage commences, SCP-194-1 will undergo a metamorphosis; the shoulder blades will develop thin bony protrusions that grow outwards with skin and muscle tissue growing around the bones as they extend. Over the course of twenty-four (24) hours, the protrusions will continue to develop, forming hollow-boned, jointed limbs very similar to birds' wings. Feathers may already be visibly growing from the "wings" at this period, or they may grow in afterward. All SCP-194-1 who were interviewed have described this transformation as extremely painful, and internal injuries around the upper back are common, as are conditions associated with malnourishment.

After the flightless wing-like appendages are fully grown, SCP-194-1 will become lethargic and spend most of their time resting. They will also become increasingly obsessed with being in the presence of and mimicking SCP-194 and may be hostile to human interference. SCP-194-1 will continue to lose weight and undergo more physical changes, starting with a dramatic shrinking of the spine, atrophy of the limbs, and reshaping of the skull, and ending with the growth of black feathers over any parts of the body that do not already have them. If SCP-194-1 survives to the end of this stage (partial transformation was fatal in 70% of all observed cases), SCP-194-1 will have fully changed shape into SCP-194. Testing has revealed that while it is possible to delay and prolong the transformation for up to six (6) months by keeping SCP-194-1 separated from SCP-194, there is no known way to stop or reverse the transformation without killing SCP-194-1 after the "wings" are sprouted.

Interview 194-3
Interviewed: 6754-D, currently undergoing middle stages of SCP-194-1 transformation

Interviewer: Dr. ████████████

Foreword: Out of several subjects, 6754-D was one of the most open interviewees. However, like all other subjects, 6754-D spoke in a quiet monotone for the entire interview and on every other occasion he was spoken to.

<Begin Log, ██/██/████>

Dr. ████████████: Good morning.
6754-D: (pause) …Morning.
Dr. ████████████: Today I'd like to talk to you about SCP-194.
6754-D: That's not what they're called.
Dr. ████████████: (pause) …Then what do you call them?
6754-D: They're my flock. My unkindness. My hosts. Carrion brethren. Any name you like, but not a number.
Dr. ████████████: Can a number not be a name?
6754-D: (silence)
Dr. ████████████: (pause) …Why are you drawn to SCP… the hosts?
6754-D: They came to me. They recognized me as one of them.
Dr. ████████████: As a raven?
6754-D: As a prisoner. As lonely. As… (silence)
Dr. ████████████: As what?
6754-D: (silence)
Dr. ████████████: Let me try a different question. Why did you eat their feathers?
6754-D: They were gifts. You don't refuse gifts.
Dr. ████████████: Why do you eat nothing but the feathers?
6754-D: Don't need anything else.
Dr. ████████████: …Do you know what's happening to you?
6754-D: I'm joining them. I'm becoming one of them. I'll be beautiful.
Dr. ████████████: Are you aware that most people who have been in your position have died painfully in mid-shift?
6754-D: (silence.)
Dr. ████████████: Are you aware that if you do survive, you will be caged along with the other ravens in the aviary?
6754-D: (silence. 6754-D did not respond to any more questions, and after twenty minutes Dr. ████████████ concluded the interview.)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Seeing how 6754-D seemed to empathize with SCP-194, I recommend that no more D-class personnel be allowed to come in contact with SCP-194. I also recommend euthanizing any Foundation personnel who become SCP-194-1, as I'm not sure how much of their intelligence the birds retain if they survive the change and don't want to risk a bunch of sapient birds with knowledge of the Foundation possibly getting loose. -Dr. ████████████

Incident Report 194-1 On 05/09/████ at 1300 hours, a group of ravens flying over Site-43 landed on the SCP-194 aviary and took up perches around its surface. One latched itself onto the chain mesh around the entry door to the aviary and began trying to manipulate the handle. Shots fired by approaching security guards made the group take flight; of the invading birds, one (1) was shot dead, one (1) was injured and added to the aviary after recovery, and at least six (6) are confirmed to have escaped.

Incident Report 194-2 On 05/09/████ at 1500 hours, Agent Andersson entered the fenced area around the SCP-194 aviary, using his security clearance to bypass the checkpoint. He was carrying a bucket of dead rats, leading the guards to believe that he was feeding SCP-194 off of the normal schedule. He opened the aviary door and began pulling specimens of SCP-194 out and releasing them into the air. Security responded quickly enough to incapacitate Agent Andersson and shut the aviary door, but not before three (3) specimens of SCP-194 were released. Andersson has since been redesignated SCP-194-1 and contained.

Incident Report 194-3 On 05/09/████ at 2100 hours, █████ ███████, the designated feeder for SCP-194, entered the secure area around the SCP-194 aviary with a bucket of dead rats, and went to the rotating feeder outside of the aviary to fill it. Recordings show ███████ stopping outside the feeder for almost a minute and staring at SCP-194 inside the aviary. She then set the bucket down and moved towards the door. The security guards restrained ███████ before she could open it. Subsequent examination and questioning suggests a strong psychic compulsion was in effect and she was released without further penalties.

Addendum: Dr. ████████████, I expect much better from you than this. You should be focusing your efforts on what's really important: finding a way to distinguish SCP-194 from any other bird. We don't have the resources to exterminate every bird in the world, and your piss-poor job of keeping the ones we have captured in confinement isn't helping. We need something tighter than an aviary you got from Home Depot, and we need more information on the birds, not the people who turn into them. -O5- █