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Connected to: SCP-536SCP-2400SCP-2700

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1822 has been shown to uniformly permeate 100% of the observable universe, and therefore cannot be contained. Thankfully, SCP-1822 does not pose a significant risk to the public or Foundation operations. Therefore, containment efforts are to be focused on minimizing knowledge of the extent of SCP-1822's properties. Foundation agents stationed in various sites of interest such as places of academia, statistics and research laboratories are to monitor and report any findings that may lead to the discovery of SCP-1822's anomalous qualities.


Description: SCP-1822 is the designation for a set of anomalous empirical proofs of mathematical statistics and their related laws, including most █████ laws, ████'s law, the ██████ principle, and the ██████-█████████ law,1 which show an unexplained proportionality between unrelated phenomena and present in large sets of data. SCP-1822 implies that the ratio of ██.█:██.█ is universally constant throughout many seemingly random forms of qualia2 and therefore gives rise to predictable patterns of behavior in systems that should otherwise be highly variable. To date, the Foundation has been actively trying to suppress knowledge of SCP-1822 for over two centuries. The first recorded knowledge of SCP-1822 that was confiscated was a set of Greek texts from ████ B.C.E., describing the nature of the anomaly and posits several theories into the origin of the phenomena. SCP-1822 has no discernible source, although explorations into alternate realities reveal [DATA REDACTED, SEE BELOW].

Additional Materials

Addendum 1822.1 Interview Logs / Excerpts

Addendum 1822.2 Project Kismet Overview

Addendum 1822.3 Kismet Testing Logs

Incident Log 1822.1: On ██/██/████, during routine control testing using SCP-536, Jr. Researcher Edward Wilson reportedly accidentally dropped the device, fracturing the casing isolating the unbounded vacuum inside. The effect was not noticed right away, and the object was placed inside SCP-536 for testing. Over the next week, there were thirty-five reports of personnel involved in workplace accidents, seven containment breaches and an unknown number of equipment failures and data corruptions. Upon checking the device, SCP-1822 had revealed itself to now be ██.█:██.█. Further attempts to modify this value have failed, and all testing involving SCP-1822 is currently suspended by the O5 Council.