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Ball of Sharp

Connected to: SCP-1063SCP-1114

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-162 is to be kept in a sealed steel container at all times. Any handling is to be done with thick steel-plate gloves and heavy body armor. Any personnel attempting to touch SCP-162 without proper protection, or acting in an erratic or non-responsive manner, are to be immediately removed from the containment area. All personnel are to submit to mental testing and review for two weeks after interaction with SCP-162.


SCP-162 is a mass of fish hooks, fish line, needles, scissors, and other sharp objects in a rough ball shape close to 2.4 m (8 ft) in width and 2.1 m (7 ft) in height. After being in SCP-162's vicinity, subjects have reported feeling drawn to the object in order to touch it. This desire can extend for several weeks after seeing the item, becoming an obsession in many cases. The "draw" increases the more SCP-162 is observed, and subjects will become violent towards anyone attempting to restrain or remove them from SCP-162.

Touching SCP-162 will immediately result in several hooks becoming embedded in the subject's skin. The experience is extremely painful, much more so than normal fish hooks. Struggling or attempting to escape will ensnare the subject more, likely resulting in the subject's complete entrapment on the surface of SCP-162. Subject will bleed profusely, resulting in death after a prolonged period of time. Subjects whose skin is impenetrable to SCP-162's fish hooks, such as SCP-1063, have proven to be immune to SCP-162's compulsion effects.

Attempting to remove a subject from SCP-162 will result in the entrapment of the remover, or gross bodily harm to the subject's flesh. Subjects will many times "cycle" between expressing extreme pain and requesting assistance, to statements of pleasure and requests to be left alone, even attempting to grab and entangle personnel attempting to rescue them. Activation of SCP-1114 within the proximity of SCP-162 has proven to be an effective means of freeing a subject from entrapment, though SCP-162's compulsion effect still remains.