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The Most Holy Bank of His Holiness Pope Leo the Tenth, Saint in Waiting

Connected to: SCP-381

Artist's rendition provided by Observer-1521-4, currently used to verify visual confirmation.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1521 is assigned a minimum of two “observers” and three additional support staff working in twenty-four hour shifts. Civilians observed approaching SCP-1521 are to be detained, identified, and processed as possible, future observers. Anyone observed exiting SCP-1521 is to be detained, questioned, and identified if possible. Due to the tedious nature of work with SCP-1521, staff rotation on SCP-1521 is to occur every two months.


SCP-1521 is a building, built in the early Baroque style, located on the ██████ ██ ██████ in Rome, Italy. While the building appears to always be present, it is not directly observable. Subjects pointed in the direction of the building fail to notice its presence.

Approximately █% of tested subjects can observe1 the building. Those that are successful in observing the building have identified a sign2 attached to the front which identifies the structure as “The Most Holy Bank of His Holiness Pope Leo the Tenth, Saint in Waiting.”

SCP-1521 plays host to a number of entities which appear human, often dressed in period garb of a Roman Catholic priest or nun. These entities are non-hostile and will attempt to defuse any situation in which they are threatened with physical violence. These entities have never been observed to exit SCP-1521.

Presumably, anyone capable of observing the building is also capable of entry, though only six total expeditions into SCP-1521 have been approved by O5. With the level of current information, no further expeditions are planned.

Please see Addenda for all currently available declassified information about the expeditions.


Side One


Side Two

Addendum SCP-1521-2: Exploratory Expedition

Observer-1521-11 was located after searching several hospitals throughout Europe. When located, he was discovered to have a malignant tumor in his stomach. Observer-1521-11 was selected to enter SCP-1521 and request a miracle.

After approval from O5-12, Observer-1521-11 entered SCP-1521 and spoke with SCP-1521 Humanoid Instance 14. 1521-HI14 inquired as to the nature of Observer-1521-11's visit, at which time he was informed that Observer-1521-11 was requesting a healing miracle. 1521-HI14 immediately called for a group of Humanoid Instances (number currently unknown, estimated more than six) to escort Observer-1521-11 to the Holy Fountain of Antioch.

After paying 1521-HI14, he was lowered into the fountain. After being lowered into the fountain, the water in the fountain began to "whirl and tremble" as 1521-HI14 declared that "an angel was troubling the waters." After fifteen minutes of prayer, Observer-1521-11 was reported as healed and escorted from the premises.

MRI scans later revealed that Observer-1521-11 was still suffering from stomach cancer, though Observer-1521-11 was so influenced by the experience that he refused to believe the diagnosis. Observer-1521-11 died from complications due to his cancer four weeks later.

Addendum SCP-1521-3: Exploratory Expedition

SCP-1521 Observer 1521-13 entered the structure as normal. Upon entering, he was immediately approached by a humanoid figure wearing a priests smock and robes, designated SCP-1521 Humanoid Instance 47 (1521-HI47). 1521-HI47 asked Observer 1521-13 if he had any recently deceased relatives. When Observer 1521-13 replied that his uncle had died recently, 1521-HI47 immediately knelt to his knees and began praying loudly in what Observer 1521-13 believed was Latin. Observer 1521-13 was highly disturbed by this event.

After approximately five minutes of loud prayer, 1521-HI47 rose to his feet and declared that Observer-1521-13’s uncle was currently in hell and being tortured by demons. Observer 1521-13 was extremely distraught, and 1521-HI47 offered to gather together a group of priests and “pray his soul out of hell” for a small fee. Observer 1521-13 immediately agreed. When asked how much the fee was, 1521-HI47 inquired as to the current funds available, then expressed that this was just the right amount.

Observer 1521-13 was then privy to a group of twelve additional humanoid figures gathering together (tentatively classified SCP-1521 Humanoid Instances 48-59, pending confirmation) in a circle, then asking for the name of Observer 1521-13’s uncle, then beginning to pray in loud voices again.

After approximately ten minutes of prayer, 1521-HI47 stepped forward from the circle, declaring that they had successfully prayed everything but his feet out of hell, and an additional 15000 lira was needed to finish. Observer 1521-13 quickly left the building to acquire additional funds from Foundation personnel on the scene.

Observer 1521-13 was denied reentry to SCP-1521.