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Universal Dumping Grounds


Special Containment Procedures

Research Site-64 was constructed in the guise of a waste treatment plant in order to study and contain SCP-1330. SCP-1330 is to be combed daily for new instances of SCP-1330-1, which are to be transferred to the Research Site-64's indoor sorting chamber. Instances deemed to be of interest are to be categorized and stored in the appropriate chamber, while all other instances are to be tagged and returned to SCP-1330. Task Force Psi-14 ("Lord Admiral's Men") is to be permanently stationed at Research Site-64 in order to prevent access to it by unauthorized persons.


SCP-1330 is a landfill, located at ████████, █████. SCP-1330's anomalous nature stems from the origin of the bulk of its contents-an estimate of 65% of the refuse found in it originates from various extra-dimensional sources, as the nature of the items found in SCP-1330 and additional tests confirmed. SCP-1330 appears to be connected to, or possibly occupy, at least twenty-seven (27) different extra-dimensional points, with refuse (henceforth SCP-1330-1) traveling between them at random. SCP-1330 is therefore in a constant state of change, with new instances of SCP-1330-1 replacing old ones. SCP-1330 appears to only affect items discarded as being worthless, though how an item is determined to be considered worthless is uncertain. Due to this, no item placed in SCP-1330 with the intention of transferring it to an extra-dimensional point will be affected by it. Attempts to bypass SCP-1330's item restriction have been unsuccessful thus far (see testing log).

SCP-1330 first came to the Foundation's attention after interception of a local television network's news piece about a large number of homeless living in a landfill. The residents of the landfill were convinced it was visited by aliens, and showed various unusual items they found in it as proof. One of these items bore marks similar to those seen on SCP-████. Foundation personnel closed down SCP-1330 to incoming traffic, removed the interlopers dwelling in it and secured a perimeter around SCP-1330.

Addendum SCP-1330-B: The following attempts to bypass SCP-1330's item restrictions have been made: