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Thirsty Cactus

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1277 is to be contained in Arboreal Containment Unit 41-B at Site-77. Personnel assigned to care for SCP-1277 are to be issued sound-dampening headgear. This headgear is to be worn at all times while in SCP-1277's presence. SCP-1277-1 is to monitored via the use of a closed circuit surveillance system located in Containment Unit 41-B. Any "jumps" made by SCP-1277-1 are to be logged by security personnel.


SCP-1277 is an adult Carnegiea gigantea, commonly known as the Saguaro cactus. SCP-1277 has a height of 3.7 meters, and weighs approximately 37 kilograms. SCP-1277 requires the same level of maintenance and care as a normal Carnegiea gigantea.

SCP-1277-1 is a male human skeleton, 1.4 meters tall and weighing 12 kilograms. It does not appear to suffer from degradation due to time or exposure. SCP-1277-1 is constantly located approximately 15 meters away from SCP-1277. Attempts to remove SCP-1277-1 from this spot have met with failure, due to SCP-1277-1 materializing itself next to SCP-1277 if it is more than 15 meters away.

SCP-1277's anomalous effect will manifest itself anytime a being capable of communicating in American English moves to a point within 15 meters of SCP-1277-1. If this criterion is met, SCP-1277 will begin to emit vocalizations. It is unknown how SCP-1277 is able to produce these vocalizations, as they do not have an apparent source of origin within the object. Vocalizations from SCP-1277 consist of pleas to be given water, and asking for shelter from the desert. These vocalizations will occur whether or not SCP-1277 is in the presence of a desert or water. SCP-1277 will communicate with any person who speaks to it, but will only respond with more inquiries about water and shelter, and does not respond to inquiries about its origin or SCP-1277-1.

Addendum: Interview 1277-A

Interviewed: SCP-1277

Interviewer: Dr. Leipzig

Foreword: This interview was conducted during SCP-1277's initial containment processing.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Leipzig: Can you tell me where you come from?

SCP-1277: So thirsty… water… do you have any water? I'm very thirsty, and it's so dry here, I just want some water…

Dr. Leipzig: We have already provided you with water. Can you please tell us more about your origin?

SCP-1277: I don't have any water… Where did you put it? I think it may have dried up from the heat…can I come in with you? It's so dry out here, I'm sure I can answer your questions if we went in.

Dr. Leipzig: We are currently indoors, SCP-1277. Where do you think you are located?

SCP-1277: Hot, dry. It seems to stretch on for miles and miles, and no matter how far I crawl the sun never ever ever ever goes down and I am very thirsty. Can I please rest for a minute, the heat is getting to me…

Dr. Leipzig: Please hold on, I have more questions.

<End Log>

Closing Statement SCP-1277 did not respond to further questioning, and the interview was ended early.