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Livin' With Werewolves

Object Class: Esoteric

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1241 is to be overridden with a localised signal produced by Transmission Stations 1241-a and 1241-b, broadcasting a pre-recorded series of television programmes. A cover story regarding the production of SCP-1241 by a local studio has been circulated in case of containment failure. In order to continually monitor the content of SCP-1241, an apparatus is to be maintained to isolate and record it. Please refer to Document 1241-B for further information.

  • Update: As of 2011-08-09, SCP-1241 has no active containment procedures. A story describing the bankruptcy of the responsible party referenced in a previously released cover-story has been released. The area is to be continually observed for any signs which could indicate a recommencement of SCP-1241 activity.