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Mr. Fish

Connected to: SCP-527SCP-629SCP-644SCP-905SCP-909SCP-913SCP-917SCP-920SCP-1007SCP-1799SCP-1908SCP-2148SCP-2284SCP-2287SCP-2396SCP-2428SCP-2855SCP-2933


Special Containment Procedures

SCP-527 is to be contained within a standard humanoid domicile at Site-19. No other containment procedures are necessary.


SCP-527 is a male humanoid, 1.67m in height, which is biologically non-anomalous, with the exception of its head, which is that of a Puntius semifasciolatus, or gold barb fish.

SCP-527 displays no other anomalous qualities. The head of SCP-527 functions the same as the head of any other non-anomalous human. SCP-527 is capable of typical human speech. A tattoo reading "Mr. Fish, from Little Misters ® by Dr. Wondertainment" appears on the bottom of its left foot.

Discovery: SCP-527 was discovered in Boston by Foundation agents in 2002, and was moved to Site-19 in 2004.

Addendum 527.1 Initial Interview


Dr. Baker: Thank you for your cooperation thus far, SCP-527. We're just using this interview as a way to gauge any potential anomalous behaviour we might not expect.

SCP-527: Alright.

Dr. Baker: To begin, are you capable of breathing underwater?

SCP-527: No.

Dr. Baker: Are you capable of communicating with other fish, or with other sea-based lifeforms?

SCP-527: No.

Dr. Baker: I see. When did you first discover your condition? Were you by any chance attacked or bitten by a fish you did not recognize, or experience an encounter with a sea-based deity of some kind?

SCP-527: No.

Dr. Baker: Uh… well, then you've been like this since birth?

SCP-527: Yep.

Dr. Baker: I… alright. Do you know of any other anomalous traits you might exhibit?

SCP-527: Sure don't. Like I told the other guy, this is all it is. You're looking at it. Lie, Stripes, Hot, Sweetie, they got all the good stuff. I'm just the guy with a fish head.

Dr. Baker: Do you… have any idea why your creator might have fashioned you in this… way?

SCP-527: Fuck if I know.


Addendum 527.2 Recovered Document

Note: When asked, SCP-527 was able to produce the following document.