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Hati Hróðvitnisson

Connected to: SCP-287SCP-2686

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-3609 is to be held in a containment cell at Lunar Area-32. SCP-3609 is to be monitored for any signs of hostile behaviour directed towards the Foundation, Foundation personnel, and/or its state of containment under the Foundation.

Personnel interacting with SCP-3609 are to be disinfected of lunar soil or lunar rocks prior to contact.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-4 ("Blondebeard's Crew") is to ensure that all paw prints created by SCP-3609 on the Lunar surface are erased.


SCP-3609 is a sapient male specimen of Canis lupus (grey wolf), with a head-to-tail length of 4.5 m and shoulder height of 2 m. It is capable of speech in Old West Norse, and surviving in a vacuum environment without respiration or protection from space exposure. Furthermore, SCP-3609 has been observed to be able to manoeuvre itself in low to zero gravity environments with relative ease, suggesting that it is adapted for locomotion in such environments.

Although SCP-3609 does not need to eat or drink to survive, tests have shown that it can consume lunar rocks, lunar soil or items coated with either of the former1 without adverse effects to its body. It also displays a strong preference for the aforementioned items; tests have shown it preferring to consume lunar rocks and/or lunar soil over meat from animals typically eaten by members of the Canis genus. Likelihood of hostile behaviour has significantly decreased since introduction of lunar rocks and/or lunar soil to SCP-3609. Additionally, SCP-3609 is not found to have excreted, and it is believed to be incapable of excretion.

SCP-3609 was identified following the Foundation's establishment of Lunar Area-32 in Mare Imbrium on ██/██/1998. SCP-3609 exhibited hostility during initial Foundation contact, requiring reinforcements from Distributed Task Force Sigma-6 ("Puddlejumpers") to successfully contain the entity.

While in containment, SCP-3609 has been observed to produce vocalisations only in presence of Foundation personnel, which was postulated to be an attempt to communicate with Foundation personnel. Said vocalisations were recorded, and it was later identified to be Old West Norse.

Dr. Sigurd Ólafsson of the Department of Terra-Linguistics was then assigned to conduct an interview with SCP-3609. However, due to prerequisite training sessions2 and other concurrent projects, an interview with SCP-3609 was only arranged by the year 2███. Below is a transcript of Interview Log 3609-01.

Interviewee: SCP-3609

Interviewer: Dr. Sigurd Ólafsson

Foreword: The following interview is originally conducted in Old Norse. As a safety precaution, Interviewee and Interviewer are separated by a wire fence, which is connected to an electric circuit. Upon hostile behaviour, Interviewer is to be evacuated and electric circuit is to be activated.

Additionally, Interviewer is escorted by two members of MTF Γ-4, Agents E. Chang and R. Arch. Agent Chang holds the activation mechanism for the electric circuit.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Sigurd: Hello there, can you hear me?

SCP-3609: A reply at last? Why only now that you have chosen to reply?

Dr. Sigurd: Not many nowadays speak this wonderful tongue, and I needed time to prepare myself for this encounter. I'm still getting used to this environment, truth be told.

SCP-3609: Enough! Answer me. What are you?

Dr. Sigurd: Sigurd, son of Ólaf.

SCP-3609: Not your name! You. Them. All of you stand as tall as the Jǫtnar3 and Æsir,4 yet smell of Midgard. What are you?

Dr. Sigurd: Hmm. We are Man, denizens of Midgard.

SCP-3609: Man? You? No, Man is small. My claw alone can crush a Man. My jaws can break even the sturdiest longships of Man. You might have disorientated my senses, but your jest is absurd.

Dr. Sigurd: It's no- [pauses] Okay, tell me more about your deeds and accomplishments. Surely they are worthy of being heard.

SCP-3609: Yes. I was so near the accomplishment of my purpose. I successfully threw Máni off his chariot during my previous round of pursuit, and was about to devour him. But ten beams of light from the East consumed us, and then I find myself standing under the sky of darkness and on that lifeless land. Máni was nowhere in sight. Perhaps a trick from Sól, but she is only one being.

Dr. Sigurd: Máni? The moon deity?

SCP-3609: Yes. Son of Mundilfari and brother of Sól. He who rides the chariot of the moon across the darkened heavens over Midgard.

Dr. Sigurd: In that case, you must be Hati.

SCP-3609: Yes. Hati Hróðvitnisson, son of Fenrir and brother of Skǫll. Fated to devour Máni to free Father.

Dr. Sigurd: Indeed. After losing track of Máni, how did you respond to your situation?

SCP-3609: I searched all over that lifeless land, believing that Máni might be hiding there. But I've never seen Máni at all. Only a strange robed Man in this land whom I initially imagined to be Máni in disguise, but he smelled of both Midgard and a strange foreign scent I cannot make anything out of.

Dr. Sigurd: You can smell when you are outside?

SCP-3609: No. Scents and sounds do not exist in that lifeless land. Only in his and your domains do scents and sounds exist.

Dr. Sigurd: Of course. I want to talk about your past encounters with my co-workers. Why you have attacked them when they first approached you outside?

SCP-3609: Who?

Dr. Sigurd: The people who brought you here.

SCP-3609: I imagined that they might know of Máni's whereabouts, maybe his followers here to mock me. They fought back, and so did I.

Dr. Sigurd: If you initially believed us that we are enemies, why did you stop attacking us after being kept here?

SCP-3609: Your smell. It is only in here that I can smell you and I know that you are not Máni. In fact, you have been offering Máni to me.

Dr. Sigurd: We did?

SCP-3609: Yes. Your co-workers frequently offered me pieces bearing Máni's essence for me to devour. Of course, I will not be placated by such meagreness. I must devour Máni, all of him. That is my purpose, and I will accomplish it.

[As SCP-3609 vocalises the statement above, Dr. Sigurd turns to Agents Chang and Arch.]

Dr. Sigurd [in English]: You two, help me here. He's saying that we've been giving him things to eat. What is it?

Agent Chang [in English]: Mostly moon rocks, doctor.

[Dr. Sigurd places his palm on his forehead while shaking his head for two seconds. After which, he removes his hand from his face, and faces SCP-3609 again.]

Dr. Sigurd: I suppose Fenrir will rise if you devour Máni.

SCP-3609: No if. It will happen. When Skǫll and I accomplish our purpose, Father will rise again.

Dr. Sigurd: You truly have Fenrir's interests in mind.

SCP-3609: I exist for Father to be freed.

Dr. Sigurd: I can tell. So like he's fated to, he will kill Odin. Am I correct?

SCP-3609: Yes.

Dr. Sigurd: And as fated, Fenrir will be slaughtered by Víðarr, son of Odin.

SCP-3609: Yes.

Dr. Sigurd: Therefore, freeing Fenrir will free him from living as well.

SCP-3609: Yes. I exist for Father to be freed.

Dr. Sigurd: What about you? What will you be doing when Fenrir kills Odin? Or when Víðarr kills Fenrir?

SCP-3609: I, I am not sure.

Dr. Sigurd: It is as you have said, your purpose ends when you consume Máni and Fenrir breaks loose. Do think about it. If we're having this engaging conversation, you're certainly more than a means to an end.

[SCP-3609 ceases vocalisation and prowls around its containment cell. Dr. Sigurd attempted to call for SCP-3609 attention, to no avail.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following Interview, tests using lunar rocks and lunar soil are to cease. SCP-3609 has not expressed any request for lunar rocks or lunar soil, and has shown no notable signs of hostile behaviour. Special Containment Procedures updated.