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O, Death

Object Class: Esoteric

Connected to: SCP-079SCP-682SCP-2151SCP-2996


Special Containment Procedures

The entrance of SCP-2935 has been sealed with concrete, and access to SCP-2935 is forbidden.


SCP-2935 is a space-time anomaly existing within a limestone cave beneath a cemetery near Joppa, Indiana. The cemetery, whose last interred individual died in 1908, was discovered by Foundation personnel after radio signals were discovered emanating from SCP-2935 (see addendum 2935.1 below).

The SCP-2935 anomaly is a nearly exact replicate reality of modern Earth in the year 2016, with the primary exception being that all life, including both biological and non-biological, as well as any sentient entities, machines, computers and other "life-like" phenomena, within SCP-2935 ended on April 20th, 2016.

Information gathered by the mobile task force who initially entered SCP-2935 for reconnaissance purposes points to the conclusion that all lifeforms within SCP-2935 suddenly and without warning expired sometime between the hours of 0300-0400 EST. The reason for this is currently uncertain.

1, the aforementioned personnel were uncertain that they had actually discovered an anomaly, instead believing their drone had exited the other side of the cave. This was quickly corrected during observation of the surrounding area, and upon picking up the undistorted radio broadcast they had been searching for. The broadcast, which appeared to have been repeating on a loop since April 20th, was an automated message originating from Site-81 within the SCP-2935 reality. The full transcription of the message is as follows:

This is an automated emergency broadcast from the SCP Foundation and your national government. One or more of our sites is experiencing a communication breakdown, likely due to a containment breach of unknown magnitude. All citizens are ordered to stay in their homes as containment teams work to secure the breach. This message will broadcast from April 20th, 2016 until— (message cuts out suddenly and then repeats)

Afterwards, the Site-81 personnel contacted site command. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-13 "Manifest Destiny" was immediately assigned to examination and exploration of SCP-2935.

Addendum 2935.2: Exploration of SCP-2935

Exploration of SCP-2935 by MTF Epsilon-13 took place over four separate missions, three manned and one unmanned. During these missions, several artifacts and pieces of information were recovered, and a full list with descriptions is available in Addendum 2935.3.

Addendum 2935.3: Recovered Data and Artifacts From MTF E-13 Missions