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Mr. Money

Connected to: SCP-527SCP-629SCP-644SCP-905SCP-909SCP-913SCP-917SCP-920SCP-1007SCP-1799SCP-1908SCP-2148SCP-2284SCP-2287SCP-2396SCP-2428SCP-2933

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2855 is to be held within a standard humanoid containment chamber within Hall ██ of Site-██.

The current SCP-2855-1 is not subjected to any containment procedures. For security reasons, the current identity of SCP-2855-1 is restricted to personnel level 4 and above.


SCP-2855 is a male humanoid of Hispanic descent. The words "Mr. Money, from Little Misters ® by Dr. Wondertainment" are tattooed on the back of SCP-2855's neck.

SCP-2855 is anomalously affected by business transactions made regarding its ownership. The current owner of SCP-2855, designated SCP-2855-1, may engage in a written agreement depicting a transfer of ownership of SCP-2855 to another willing human in exchange for some amount of physical currency possessed by the purchasing party.

Once this agreement is confirmed with signatures of both parties, SCP-2855 will be instantaneously teleported to the location specified in the written agreement, or to the recipient's vicinity if no location was specified. As well, the agreed currency will be instantaneously transferred from the purchasing's party's holdings to the specified location, or SCP-2855-1's vicinity if no location was specified. With the transaction completed, the purchasing party may be designated SCP-2855-1, as the previous SCP-2855-1 ceases to be the owner of SCP-2855.

This process will only occur if the written agreement contains signatures of both parties and specifies an amount of currency to be exchanged. No non-monetary exchanges are possible.

SCP-2855 is believed to adapt to the wishes and preconceptions the purchasing party may have about its abilities, with such changes appearing when SCP-2855 reappears in the new SCP-2855-1 instance's possession. Typically, SCP-2855 will conform to any definitions or claims of its abilities provided in the written agreement that prompts its transfer.

The limits to this adaptive ability are currently unclear, if they exist at all.

SCP-2855 was recovered on 21/04/2007 from the holdings of Marshall, Carter, and Dark, LLP in which it had been intentionally and repeatedly exchanged between certain MC&D staff in order to test the capabilities and uses of SCP-2855's adaptation abilities. SCP-2855 was acquired by an undercover Foundation agent posing as the intended recipient of SCP-2855 during one such exchange. SCP-2855 was subsequently transferred to Foundation custody.

SCP-2855 is currently believed to be cooperative with Foundation interests. Due to the risk of SCP-2855 being captured by outside interests in the process of exchange, no further tests of SCP-2855's adaptive abilities are authorized.

Addendum 2855-2: Intercepted MC&D Memo Correspondence

Prior to recovery of SCP-2855 from Marshall, Carter, and Dark LLC, several correspondences were intercepted, revealing the existence and status of SCP-2855 to the Foundation. Due to antimemetic counterespionage methods utilized by MC&D, the vast majority of these documents have since been rendered unreadable or unknowable. The only document able to be recovered by retromemetic retrieval may be found below.

Memo 23
Sender Michel Lothar Recipient Peyton Agapios
Judgement is in. Your assumption, imprudent as it may have been, has proven to hold some water.

On the physical level, the item is as one would expect. Those experienced with his handiwork have judged the persistent surgical modifications, scant as they may be, to exhibit a quality evident of his earlier work.

Considering the complexity of the invisible aspects, this conclusion may raise some eyebrows. A cursory examination of the item's transpositioning lattices reveals that they are of high quality. Not only that, but the activation mechanism of the distortions is not, as you assumed, rudimentary application of a dynamic geas by its creator. Instead, the lattice responds almost spontaneously, anomalously, to the creation of mundane binding information about the item.

To put it crudely, these properties are not hacked on; applied to a body by inexperienced hands for the purposes of creating a workable item. They're inherent to the body itself. The most skilled of toymakers could not implement this so seamlessly.

The item continues to vex when thoroughly studied. The modifications to the item are, in fact, twice-applied: the most significant layer being that described above, with the second layer being a mostly redundant, significantly more crude work. To our experts, this second layer's quality would be typical for a production of this era. So, why would the creator attempt to overwrite an extant superior layer with redundancy? Why did an inherent layer exist in the first place?

Ideally, the answers will become more apparent after the next test transfer is completed. Until then, I trust you'll keep your speculation to yourself.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Addendum 2855-3: Interview 1

Foreword: Interview was conducted following initial recovery.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Latimer enters the interview room. SCP-2855 is seated in the subject chair, arms chained to the table in front of it. Dr. Latimer sits down opposite SCP-2855.

Dr. Latimer: Hello, SCP-2855.

SCP-2855: Hi, miss. You can call me Mister Money.

Dr. Latimer: I'm Dr. Latimer, and I'll be conducting this interview. I'd first like to ask a few questions about your accommodations. How have you found them?

SCP-2855: It's been getting better. I have a feeling I'll learn to love it.

Dr. Latimer: I'm glad to hear that. With the transfer from the other organization, are you disoriented? Being moved around so suddenly, no warning?

SCP-2855: Being moved is just part of the game. You could say this has been a long time coming.

Dr. Latimer: You weren't surprised, to be in such a different setting? Surrounded by unfamiliar people?

SCP-2855: I'm not used to waking up around familiar people. Every time, it's something new. It always changes.

Dr. Latimer: And you change with it?

SCP-2855: It comes with the territory.

Dr. Latimer: And what is your territory? Your purpose?

SCP-2855: My purpose is wherever I'm getting. I've… never spoken with him. You know. Him. But I like to think… from my point of view, he had lofty ambitions.

Dr. Latimer: What kind of ambitions?

SCP-2855: I think that part of me was born mostly from frustration. For that idea that you can just lie and get everything in this world. Not to say there's anything wrong with that—with lies, I mean—but a child deserves truth, right? So the doctor makes his moves, and with me… you get what you pay for.

Dr. Latimer: Some fulfillment of a capitalist dream?

SCP-2855: Or rebellion. Satire? Is that satire?

Dr. Latimer: I don't think it is. Please continue.

SCP-2855: But, I mean. I like being wanted. Knowing I… work. There was always some magic to the early times.

Dr. Latimer: Please, tell me about those times.

SCP-2855: When I first started out, there was always this… my first owner, she was just a little girl. Her name was Annabeth.

Dr. Latimer: She traded you away?

SCP-2855: Yeah, but that's just me. It's what I'm for. The good times, where I'd just… drift around, hiding in tree-houses, meeting new people. Sometimes I looked completely different. Sometimes they couldn't even see me at all.

Dr. Latimer: What ended it?

SCP-2855: Well, adults seem to take issue with me around their children. A couple witnesses, and then I'm gone. And I'd never have a child for a patron again.

Dr. Latimer: But you had others.

SCP-2855: Not… that many before they came. Marshall, Carter, Dark. They catch on quick, huh?

Dr. Latimer: You won't have to deal with them anymore.

SCP-2855: Or be dealt by them, I suppose.

Dr. Latimer: And they tested you?

SCP-2855: You could call it that. Transferred me back and forth, trying… well, anything. I became… other people. Once, I was two people. Or I became incredibly persuasive. Or maybe I started vomiting gemstones.

Dr. Latimer: To find your limits?

SCP-2855: Something like that. But I don't know if they ever did.

Dr. Latimer: How did it feel? Changing so often?

SCP-2855: You know, like… hangovers. I've never had one, but I've seen them. You know something happened. And now you're different. But you can't tell what's changed, or how long you've been out. There's this period of oblivion, and then you're back. Different.

Dr. Latimer: Is it painful?

SCP-2855: I think, by definition, it'd be painless. Absence of pain. Absence of anything, really. Just… not being, instead of being.

SCP-2855 appears pensive for several seconds.

Dr. Latimer: I think that will be enough for today. If anything is needed of you, I will let you know.

SCP-2855: I trust you. I know I'm in good hands.

<End Log>