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Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2820 is contained in the Provisional Containment Wing of Site-42. Research into SCP-2820's origins and methods of destroying it are underway.


SCP-2820 is a directed-energy weapon operated by a modified Prometheus Labs artificial intelligence designated as "Kalki". The main body of the weapon resembles a multi-stage coilgun mortar; however, a satellite dish with an antenna has been mounted to the front and the rear has been modified to fit a large semispherical apparatus. Attempts to open the apparatus have been unsuccessful. Mounted on the back of this apparatus is a monitor and terminal. The AI is able to receive and can respond to user input through the terminal. The monitor continually displays real-time satellite footage of a random person (the target) somewhere in the world, all of whom have been found to be anomalous in some way.

SCP-2820 eliminates its targets through a highly convoluted sequence of apparently unrelated events: at least once every twenty-four hours, the monitor will display the message "FIRING: CLEAR AREA" for thirty seconds, before a blue flash of light is emitted from the antenna. SCP-2820 will then focus on a new target. Within twenty-four hours of firing, the initial target will invariably be killed by the culmination of a nonlinear system formed by a series of coincidental occurrences (commonly known as the "butterfly effect"), at which time SCP-2820 will fire again.

Notably, eyewitness testimonies in the aftermath of the target's death consistently mention the appearance of a chimpanzee in a trench coat. Video recordings and forensic investigations into the aftermath of SCP-2820 kills indicate that the chimpanzee does not actually exist; it is purely a perceptual phenomenon resulting from the aforementioned nonlinear system. The occurrences that produce the nonlinear system are not anomalous themselves (ranging from slipping on ice to purchasing cough medicine), though exact replication of these events is tedious, difficult, and resource-intensive.

SCP-2820 was initially recovered on ██/██/██, from an abandoned Prometheus Labs facility near Varanasi, India, shortly before firing and eliminating Known Target 58.