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Echoes of Yesterday

Connected to: SCP-2951

A sign outside of the Limestone Business Center, current location of SCP 2812-1

Special Containment Procedures

Observational Site 81-2 has been established thirty km from SCP-2812-1 along the SR ██ exit on US ██, currently posing as an abandoned used-car dealership. This site is to be staffed with no fewer than three Foundation agents posing as local law enforcement, and two staff researchers. Due to the nature of SCP-2812-1, and the effect it has on human behavior and local architecture and engineering, the on-site staff is to be rotated out once every four weeks, and exiting staff will undergo routine physical and mental health examinations.

SCP-2812 is contained currently by its own anomalous properties, and by Foundation roadblocks along US ██, SR ██, and SR ██. A perimeter is to be established around SCP-2812-1's range of influence (currently estimated at ██ km, see Addendum 2812 Epsilon for additional details), and under no circumstances are civilians allowed to enter the ███████ town limits. Fences were initially constructed around the business plaza where SCP-2812-1 is located, but have since fallen into disrepair. The door to the building housing SCP-2812-1 is locked.

All instances of SCP-2812-2 are to be approached with extreme caution and captured if possible, then moved to Observational Site 81-2 for analysis and containment. All Foundation personnel stationed at Observation Site 81-2 are to be trained in light arms combat, and are required to carry a sidearm with them at all times while in the field.


SCP-2812 collectively refers to two different anomalous phenomena located in the town of ███████, IN.

SCP-2812-1 is a 1930's record player housed in the main concourse of the Limestone Business Center.1 The player is made up almost entirely of wood, brass, and glass, with other smaller fixtures included (although nothing unusual of a record player of the time). Two small brass plates are affixed to opposite sides of the player which read:

To our friends at Indiana Limestone, best wishes for 1935!

-The Joy of Listening, Matherson Music-

No records are visible inside of SCP-2812-1, however, SCP-2812-1 has been playing a slightly slowed version of the song "Yesterdays" by Jerome Kern, on repeat since its activation and discovery in 20██. The runtime of the track is 5:14, after which there is ten second pause. SCP-2812-1 does not appear to be connected to any visible power source.

The primary anomalous effect of SCP-2812-1 is a powerful physical and psychological compulsion apparent in all individuals within SCP-2812-1's range of effect. Subjects in the town of ███████ universally believe that they have to "get out of town" and not return. This manifests primarily as a psychological compulsion, however, in humans it may also manifest as a very real physical barrier. Individuals claim that, as they grow closer to SCP-2812-1, they feel as if they are walking "into the wind" or "through water", that is, with some physical resistance. Stress testing on subjects revealed documentable physical stressors on all of those inside SCP-2812-1's range of effect.


SR ██ leading into ███████, IN.

Over time,2 this compulsion will become more dramatic, usually ending in the individuals (and, if applicable, their families) moving away from ███████ completely, regardless of the state of their affairs. Once they have sufficiently "gotten away" from the town and SCP-2812-1,3 they will no longer show signs of compulsion. When asked about their actions, most will claim that they "just couldn't take it any longer" and are happy with their decision. Of the 13,400 residents in ███████ when SCP-2812-1 was discovered, it is estimated that only 190 remain as of 20██

The compulsion to get away from SCP-2812-1 seemingly increases as individuals approach the epicenter of the effect. Because of this, it has become difficult to directly observe SCP-2812-1. Additionally, because of SCP-2812-1's secondary effects, remote observation has become equally as difficult, with most drones becoming ineffective before even reaching the door to the main building.

SCP-2812-1 also displays an influence on man-made structures within its range. Parts of the town will begin to show signs of being dilapidation at a far greater rate than if normally left alone by its inhabitants. Several main stretches of road have become nearly impossible to navigate due to the abundance of potholes, and shops and homes in ███████ almost entirely are subject to broken windows, cracked sidewalks, and general decay. These effects become more dramatic the closer the structure is to SCP-2812-1.


An SCP-2812-2 instance mid-disappearance.

SCP-2812-2 are humanoid entities dressed in matching "United Limestone" grey jumpsuits that have appeared within SCP-2812-1's range. Originating from within the building housing SCP-2812-1, they resemble normal humans, with a few major exceptions. They are able to disappear entirely and reappear anywhere inside of SCP-2812-1's area of effect, seemingly at will, and use this as a means of escape (if pursued) and to close in on targets. By doing this, SCP-2812-2 instances are able to travel over great distances with incredible speed. Additionally, SCP-2812-2 instances, upon closing on their targets, will open their mouths and distend their jaws, revealing a speaker cone of unknown make. The music being played from SCP-2812-1 will then be broadcast from the cone inside of the SCP-2812-2 instance. The effects of SCP-2812-1 seem to be enhanced by SCP-2812-2, and at close range have resulted in severe cerebral hemorrhaging in ██% of those affected.

SCP-2812-2 instances have shown to be hostile towards humans, stalking individuals who have remained in ███████, or Foundation agents. Because of SCP-2812-2's ability to appear anywhere and close distances quickly, it has become difficult to prevent this from occurring. However, SCP-2812-2 instances are not immaterial; they can be driven off with light arms fire, and those struck will disappear and reappear at a later time. Fortunately, due to the duration in which SCP-2812-1 has been left "on" (currently estimated at █ years), very few residents of the town remain as prey. In absence of human targets, SCP-2812-2 instances will assume an ambulatory gait, moving slowly around ███████ with no obvious motivation. SCP-2812-2 instances do not appear affected by the compelling nature of SCP-2812-1.