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Connected to: SCP-2481

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2711 is stored in a waterproof compartment in Storage Unit-25, Site-148. Testing of SCP-2711 must be conducted on-site, away from any bodies of water. Related non-anomalous items are stored in Storage Unit-26.


SCP-2711 is a large iron needle, 33 centimeters in length and 3 centimeters in diameter at its thickest. It does not show any signs of deterioration or rust.

SCP-2711's anomalous effect activates once it comes in contact with bodies of water of more than 20 liters in volume. SCP-2711 alters the affected body of water so that it takes on all of the physical properties of iron under the same temperature (except appearance)1 while retaining its chemical components. The affected water is hence referred to as SCP-2711-1.

The effect spreads at an initial speed of 20 liters per second and doubles every five minutes. The conversion process will stop once all of the water has been turned into SCP-2711-1. Water added at this point will not be affected. As long as there is more than 20 liters of SCP-2711-1 attached to SCP-2711, SCP-2711-1 will retain its current state. Otherwise, SCP-2711-1 will instantly turn back to normal water.

Two sets of inscriptions are found on SCP-2711:

The first set is confirmed to be in the same script used by SCP-2481-3, which is alleged to be the script used in Xia Dynasty. A deep strike crosses the text out.


The needle of Fuxi, reforged by King Yu2 to calm/still/solidify the waters, trap the fierce/ominous beasts and stop the floods.

The second set is confirmed to be in small seal script3. Unlike the first set, the text is crudely engraved.


Ruyi Bang/Stick that Adheres to One's Wishes

Addendum: SCP-2711 was found in the right paw of a non-anomalous rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta), embedded 2.3 meters below the surface of a lake on Mount Tongbai, Henan Province, China. The lake was converted into SCP-2711-1 at the time of discovery. The body of the rhesus macaque dates back to around 600 CE4, but is well-preserved. The subject was found in an approximation of the Lotus Position. It wore the common attire of Buddhist monks of its time, but the clothing was heavily torn. Further examination reveals that the subject died of suffocation.

Upon the removal of SCP-2711, SCP-2711-1 turned back into lake water. The terrain quickly became unstable and the lake was destroyed by a mudslide. A damaged well was discovered under the lake during the subsequent clean-up. The well is made entirely of iron and is 66 meters deep. Broken chains and a lock composed of a beryllium-bronze alloy were discovered inside the well.